Invictia Poke Dex: Aqualotal

Name: Aqualotal

National Dex Number: #007

Flavour Text: Aqualotal feeds on plant matter growling at the bottom of shallow pools. Should more than one occur in a small pond, the larger one will eat the smaller individual and use the energy gained to evolve.

Species: Larva

Type: Water

Height: 21cm (0,68ft)

Weight: 10.3kg (22.7lb)

Evolution: Two Stages (EXP triggered)

Battle Mechanics

Ability: Torrent (When below 1/3 health the Attack and Special Attack of this Pokémon is increased by 50%)

Hidden Ability: Electro-Receptive (Reduces damage from Electric type attacks by 25%, raises Accuracy one stage when hit by an electric attack)

Egg Group: Water 1

Signature Move(s): None

Base Stats

Special Attack44
Special Defence72


Appearance: Aqualotal has a largely fish like appearance thanks to its mottled brown and blue body and the stubby branched gills mounted on its cheeks. Like a fish its swimming is propelled primarily by its tail, which resembled that of a tadpole or a salamander. To aid in swimming, particularly turning Aqualotal has small flippers in place of legs, with a distinct barb like appendage on the front pair.

This Pokémon’s head is quite robust, with the eyes sitting on top of Aqualotal’s head along with its nostrils. Inside the mouth there are rows of chewing teeth that can rip apart water weed and deliver a nasty bite to Pokémon trying to attack it. In addition to this defence Aqualotal also has a vivid blue dorsal fin that pops up when it is threatened, along with two fins on its cheeks that flick out to the side, making it look a lot larger than it actually is.

Ecology: Aqualotal can be found in large rivers and freshwater lakes, but generally this species prefers its own little pond with no predators and little competition for the water weed that it feeds on. Despite being primarily herbivorous the teeth of this Pokémon are quite sharp suggesting that it had a far more carnivorous diet in its recent evolutionary past. This theory is backed up by documented evidence of Aqualotal eating each other when kept in a small space together.

While it tried to minimise the amount of predators it usually encounters, Aqualotal is predated on by Ekans, Farfetch’d and Basculin among others. When confronted by an enemy, Aqualotal’s first line of defence is to extend its fins and appear to look bigger than it actually is, in an attempt to convince its predators to look elsewhere for food. While this is happening Aqualotal produces a special slime containing mild toxins as a stress response, something that makes it foul tasting to the majority of its predators, with only Ekans being able to stomach the taste.

Aqualotal’s deadliest enemy however, is the elements. Since most of this species of Pokémon live in small pools, their homes often dry out during the Invictian summer and freeze over during the winter. Once again this Pokémon’s stress response goes into overdrive, and Aqualotal will cocoon itself in a water containing capsule to prevent itself from drying out in the summer heat. During winter this Pokémon will burrow into the bottom of its pool and entomb itself in the soft mud until spring returns.


Origin: Aqualotal is based on a multitude of amphibious animals such as Mudskippers, Mudpuppies and Axolotls. In addition this Pokémon also has features that are similar to the extinct genus of lobe-fin fish Tiktaalik.

Name Origin: Aqualotal is a combination of the words Aqua and Axolotl