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I like to keep my pull list lean.

List items

  • Best. Comic. Every. Month.

  • This comic is simply amazing. I find myself rereading the issues over and over again.

  • Finally all caught up on The Walking Dead! Loving All-Out War so far!

  • Charles Soule and Javier Pullido are killing it on this comic! Best new comic of All-New Marvel Now!

  • I enjoyed Tom Taylor's first issue, but I hope this doesn't become another Superman/Batman-centric title.

  • My second-favorite All-New Marvel Now! title. Awesome first issue. Looking forward to #2.

  • Loving this series. If you liked the TV show Sliders, I definitely recommend this comic.

  • I like that this has become the continuation of Remender's Uncanny X-Force.

  • Matt Fraction does it again.

  • Man, I wanted to like this series more than I do, as I love the Crime Syndicate, and this has been unfortunately forgettable so far. I really wish Reis or Mahke was drawing this instead of Finch.