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i-Rix Tries to Draw: X-23

Aaaaand we're back with the art blog that is barely art OR blog!  I've just gotten back to school which... really doesn't have anything to do with why I haven't been drawing lately, but nevertheless, I've found some time in my busty schedule of procrastination to sketch one of my favorite Marvel characters, X-23. 

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Not much to say about it.  I guess the only things worth mentioning are the shadow silhouette meant to look like Wolverine, and me giving Laura a bit more colorful belt.  Other than that, I guess I'm just happy with how it turned out. 
Here it is on Deviantart. 
Drawing was done with pencil, then inked with pen and colored with markers.  Maybe not my best, and probably could have taken a bit more time on it, but whatevs.  As usual, comments and critiques are welcome.  Enjoy!