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i-Rix Tries to Draw: The Flash (costume redesign)

After a long hiatus (one I'm sure EVERYONE noticed), the most inconsistent "art" blog on Comic Vine returns with something a little different.  Here, in the spirit of the DC Comics reboot, I decide to take a crack at re-designing the costume of one of my favorite comic book characters of all time.  Here's The Flash.

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Although this is technically Barry Allen, I obviously took inspiration from other Flashes (primarily Jay Garrick).  I also threw a bunch of white into the typical Flash "speed-suit", and gave Barry some proper footwear.  I always felt like it was weird that the Flash whose power revolves around RUNNING was always running in boots.  Just seemed weird to me.
For a better view, check out my Deviantart account HERE!
Anyway, for those interested, I sketched this deal out in pencil, followed by pen, then colored it with colored pencils and crayon.  Yes.  Crayon.
Enjoy, Comic Viners, and feel free to comment and critique!