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i-Rix Tries to Draw: Power Girl (costume redesign)

"September" rapidly approaches and, with it, the DC Comics reboot.  Before that time, though, and inspired by Comic Vine's recent sit down with Judd Winick, I decided to take a crack at a Power Girl re-design.  Yeah, technically it looks like she doesn't exist in the reboot, but here's how a PG costume would pan out in the (in)capable hands of ImperiousRix. 

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Karen definitely gets a lot of flack (and some rather unsavory attention) for her costume, so I tried to cover her up a bit more and give her a costume that's actually... well, a costume.  I obviously had to keep the slit in the middle, and I kept her "shoulder-cape" (?), but changed her main colors from gold, white, and red to gold, white, and light blue.  In the end, it was maybe not the best decision, but whatever.  I also gave her a shorter haircut and (what I consider) a sexy mole near her chin. 

For a better view, check out my DeviantArt account HERE.  

And for those interested, this drawing was done in pencil, pen, colored pencils, and pastel chalks. 
Enjoy, and feel free to comment and critique!