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i-Rix Tries to Draw: Harley Quinn (costume redesign)

Striking whilst the inspiration iron is hot, I've decided to go ahead with another costume redesign.  Now, a lot of the current redesigns coming out of the DC Comics reboot have had some mixed reception (to say the least), but one in-particular seemed to really get the ire of the fans.  That is Harley Quinn's new redesign.  It personally doesn't bother me, but I also figured I couldn't screw up any worse.  So, I gave it a shot and this is what I came up with. 

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Obviously the first major change was to cover Harley up.  After that, I tried to take the goth-ish feel of the new design in the reboot, and tried to build on it.  Straps, corsets, frilly sleeves and collars, and the tiny top hat (naturally).  I also threw a lot of green in with Harley's traditional black and red to allude more to her relationship with the Joker.  After all, she loves her puddin' so much, why wouldn't she want to dress a little more like him? 
For a better view, check it out on DeviantArt HERE 
This illustration was done with pencil, pen, colored pencil, and marker (for those wondering). 
As always, comments and critiques are welcome and encouraged.  Enjoy!