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DC's Reboot to My Head...


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The story that's been on everyone's minds, lips, and fingertips over the last couple of days in the world of comics has been... 
No, in actuality it's been the DC Universe reboot that's going down later this year.  I must admit, my first reaction to this was a resounding no.  Nope.  No sir, I don't like it. 
I'm sorry, but as a fan of comic books, my knee-jerk reaction isn't just "NO" but "WHY?"  I understand that over decades upon decades, a comic universe can pick up more than its fair share of baggage.  It can be tough, yes, for new readers to break into the medium, but we do exist in the 21st century.  Not only are resources for comic book readers more readily available than ever (like this lovely site,, but there are so many titles for so many people that I really don't think that's the problem with decreased comic sales.  Comic book sage, Lewis "Linkara" Lovehaug perhaps said it best in the opening to his Ultimatum #5 review when discussing continuity... 
"In the end, this generation is actually the luckiest.  They have the internet, they have wikipedia, and they have tons and tons of books and analysis capable of explaining storylines, who people are, and their relationships to one another.  This issue is not a REAL problem anymore.  Just tell good stories and the rest will attend to itself." 
Does that mean I don't see the potential, or indeed the need to reboot an entire comic universe?  Of course I do!  In fact when the news broke and I told my brother about it, I basically came up with this hypothesis.  "They killed Bruce... then made Dick Batman... but then Bruce came back... and now they're both Batman.  Yeah.  After that I'd probably just say 'Fuck it, let's start over'".   
It is a chance for a new beginning.  It is a chance to reconstruct an entire universe and tell stories from the start in a way that a new generation can appreciate.  My problem is that... isn't that what comics writers should be doing now?  I feel that, in recent years, DC HAS been, with things like Green Lantern: Secret Origin and the like, writing a cohesive universe that a new generation can read and appreciate.  Again, Linkara sums up things in a way that even I can appreciate (keep in mind, he said this stuff BEFORE DC announced the big reboot)... 
"If comic companies really feel they need to reboot everything, at least have all your pieces together and know exactly what has happened to characters or not.  Don't be lazy.  Think of it as a challenge and that you are the architect of an entire new universe.  Be creators.  Not destroyers." 
And that's what, I think most concerns me in the end.  If DC really wants to do this because they feel as if it's time to rewrite the entirety of their world, that they want to construct the universe again and make a better world for us comic readers and the new generation weened onto comics by movies and video games to dig into, then I'm excited.  If they're doing this in an attempt to bring in new readers, because they think this is the one and only way they're going get more copies sold (IE for the MONIES), then I'm more than a little upset. 
Only time will tell.  As for me... I just had to get this off my chest.