Original Comic art

What a BUZZ!

I first got interested in original comic art when I met Phil Jimenez in Wellington New Zealand. Phil was a guest at the Armageddon Sci Fi Expo. I was also hired by a company to be their spokesperson- because of my background as a model.

I am a fan of Wonder Woman BUT I especially like exotic B Grade superheroes with international backgrounds such as Celsius.

Coming from New Zealand you dont expect to run into anyone at all really..Im a fan of Phils work and recognised the little guy from the WW DVD- getting all emotional about Lynda Carters Wondrous portrayal. I actually bumped into Phil while looking around. I literally walked into him and said "Oh its YOU" and he jokingly said the same thing back....I was a bit tongue tied and just walked off (looking for PAPER).

I came back to Phil and asked for him to draw me Celsius, he turned to Geoff Johns who was also there and said "Oh I love Celsius" and Geoff agreed- "shes great- BUT she is DEAD!"

I leaned in and said in comic books....its a matter of time. Geoff said "you want me to bring Celsius back?" I said YEAH!

What a TEASE!

Anyways Phil pulls up a HUGE portfolio of work and I buy off him a beautiful page.

The art is featuring the rejuvinated Paradise Island parliament. While I never agreed with the idea that there should be anyone BUT Amazons on Themiscrya- let alone Aliens and MEN- I loved the workmanship. So much is lost in the printing.

Now Phil also drew me Celsius (stunning) and Tundra the Russian from Global Guardians- her newly designed NEVER been seen look. I also got Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

I got Geoff Johns to sign my GL #1 I found in a back bin- when everyone was looking for anything with GJ name on it. (LOL)

Thats how it began.

NOW I remember looking through my comics and thinking -Oh man Id love to own the page of Celsius being taught how she uses her powers by Monks in India...and guess what? I OWN IT! Its over 30 years old! Showcase #95 dated 1977.

If THE SECRET is anything to go by- it kinda works for me and comic art!

I also have a stunning 11 by 17 piece of art by Celsius- co Creator Joe Staton!

Its a mind blowing piece of art! The details and use of line!!!

Proud also to brag that I own an 11 by 17 inch Celsius picture by George Perez as well.

As for Pages of original comic art - I believe that they should either feature the origin of a character in some way, be a highly entertaining page, feature a fantastic use of powers/abilities, or be dramatic in team ups or story.

I have pages featuring the origins of Icemaiden, Celsius and Jet.

I also have fantastic pages featuring Red Star, Godiva with Wonder Woman, Katana Peacemaker, Paradise Island, the return of Princess Tora Olafsdottir -Ice.

Just to close by saying EVERYONE should at least own a page of art with a character they love- or even better- get an artist you love and get them to draw the character you like best- or if its Batman, Spiderman, Superman- try and ask for someone new. They go the extra mile when they do a character that is more exotic.

I have stunning pictures of Celsius by Joe Staton, Phil Jiminez, George Perez, Gary Frank, Jimmy Cheung, Nicola Scott- its her beautiful art that is the opening artwork in my leather portfolio.

No regrets! Just joy! and be willing to trade! Share the LOVE!


Colin aka immortal-celsius

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