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Well, since it seems like Spider-man has offically been casted.  I figure that this will be the perfect time to start posting the Spider-man reboot thing I've been doing.  And what better way to do that than a once-daily blog?  So, here goes... 

Green Goblin

The Good

1.       He’s Spidey’s biggest nemises.

2.       He’s insane and unpredictable.

3.       He leads to a lot of other usable storylines.

The Bad

1.       We’ve seen this all before.

2.       Over used in comics at moment.

How to Make It Work:   Make it something new.   Use the Ultimate Goblin rather than the typical 616.   Stick to that storyline completely and the film could work.   Also, don’t rush the other goblins’ stories.   Let everything flow naturaly over multiple films.     
Who?  Daniel Day Lewis or John C. McGinley

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