My Spider-Man Movie Series Rogues Gallery

I have a series of movies (fan-fiction) ideas. The universe will be established so no origin story, but may contain flashbacks either in memory or dreams. I would love to control the Spider-Man movie creative department and these are the villains I would use in a nine movie series (a Spider-Man series will never happen at this number). Nonetheless, here are the villains in no particular order. Some may be main villains, small roles, considered suspects, cameos, part of a team, built up over time, reformed, or a background player. I will decipher what kind of role they may play in the series. Some may just get a mention (Beetle), sighting (Morbius), used quickly (Overdrive), used as a plot point (Vermin), or a precursor to come (Cletus Kasady/Eddie Brock). Fan-casting choices will also be a part.

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