Most Important Batman Villains

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This is a list of unique, interesting, and important villains in Batman's long history. If I left someone out, please comment.

List items

  • The twisted reflection of Batman. The Joker is in every way the opposite of Batman and is uncannily the same as him, but completely different at the same time. Joker is the most recognizable and iconic villain in any form to this day.

  • The man responsible for training Bruce Wayne. He is unlike most villains Batman faces, this man has made Batman's life terrible by killing Bruce's son, Damian. Also, his daughter is a loose cannon as the mother of Damian while backstabbing Batman, too.

  • Good or bad. This man represents the failure of what Batman created. Growing up with Harvey proved to be a mistake as he lost one man he could trust due to a terrible accident. No man has shown a larger fall from grace as Harvey Dent. But, there is always good in everyone.

  • Possibly the hardest villains that Batman has ever faced. Bane broke the Bat. But that's not all. This man was compared by Ra's Al Ghul. "He has a mind equal to the greatest he has known." A rub from Ra's is a pretty good sign you are legit. While Bane was in prison he learned eight languages, different scientific fields to the point of a leading expert, while being an amazing tactician and strategist. He figured out Batman's identity in a year. And, of course, this man is one of the greatest hand-to-hand combatants in the DC universe ever.

  • Edward Nigma. This man is the one who has tested Batman's brain the most in his rogues gallery. Always leaving behind clues from his crimes, Riddler always makes his presence known to the Bat. He wants to prove to Batman that he is more intelligent than him in anyway he can.

  • A very sympathetic character who just wants to be left alone. Victor Fries's wife became ill while he lost a lot of money. So, he freezes her to find a cure for her sickness. He naturally turns to crime to raise enough money for his own research in ice and cold. All the while, he gets exposed to his own testing and has to have a cryogenic suit on him at all times.

  • A former worker and patient at Arkham Asylum, Scarecrow has an interesting upbringing. An expert in psychology, mostly fear, he has created a gas that causes people to hallucinate their worst fears. Too much exposure to his own gas, Scarecrow has damaged his brain, causing him to not fear anything except for Batman. This proves to be a major problem since Crane has an addiction for fear and has to be near Batman.

  • The Kingpin of crime in the DC universe. This man competes with Joker with his over-the-top persona. This man hires out any thug or gang to do his dirty work so he can be on top of the city. Penguin is one of the most versatile characters in Batman lore for over 70 years and will continue to be forever.

  • The most seductive characters in the DC universe (move over Catwoman). Poison Ivy is one of the most sympathetic characters aside from her insanity. She respects and loves the earth and will protect it with any means necessary.

  • Well, she is more of an anti-hero, but nonetheless she is important to Batman's lineage. While stealing jewelry and gems, she always escapes by seducing Batman to let her go. I guess its something about her charm. She will always team up with Batman when he needs it most.

  • One of Bruce's best friends in his childhood was envious of him. He is one of the most tragic characters in Batman's rogue gallery. A lot of Hush's tragedy was self-inflicted though. He has trained himself to be like Batman and is almost equal to Batman's skill. A master surgeon, Hush surgically removed Catwoman's heart without leaving a single drop of blood or scar.

  • Batman's failure with picking a new Robin. Comparing himself less than that of Dick Grayson, he sees himself in a lesser light. He has access to lethal weapons like machine guns, pistols, rocket launchers, and explosives; as well as having Batarangs and such, his arsenal of weaponry is comparable to Batman. He was also trained to be Robin in the same manner as Dick Grayson. On top of that, he was trained by the same people who trained Bruce Wayne.

  • This man is basically Batman's stalker. He deduced Batman's identity by watching him on the news. So, Hugo started to improve his body to be able to spar with Batman. He started dressing like Bruce Wayne and Batman. He is also a master in genetics, psychology, and chemistry.

  • The daughter of Ra's, lover of Bruce, and mother of Damian has proven to be an interesting character with a cool backstory. She is torn between being devoted to her father, Ra's, or Bruce Wayne. So, she puts everyone around her in a predicament and is the ultimate wild card for Batman's future in every respect.

  • The best assassin in the entire DC Universe, Deathstroke is one of my favorite characters in all of comics. He is a former soldier, amazing tactician, and his favorite weapons are his swords. He is superhuman, using 90% of his brain at any time, strength of ten men, enhanced senses that are better than Daredevil, and a ridiculous healing factor.

  • This man is responsible for driving Batman crazy. This man made Batman's life a living hell. Doctor Hurt's hand was in everything bad that has happened to Batman. He even tells Batman that he is Thomas Wayne, Bruce's father. No wonder Batman went crazy.

  • A mastermind of crime and amazing disguising abilities, Roman Sionis grew up with rich parents who have feuded with the Wayne's. Roman's parents became obsessed with their social status instead of him, he burned down their house with them in it. Over time, Black Mask took over the entire Gotham Mafia and a majority of the Gotham Police Department. While being an amazing businessman, he screwed Bruce's financial state as well; all of this happened while not knowing that Bruce and Batman were the same person. He can run Batman on almost every single level imaginable.

  • This family has been responsible for the organized crime syndicate in Gotham for years. This family has always been a thorn in Batman's side.

  • The sexy, yet clingy girlfriend of the Joker, has proven to be a real threat to the Batman. She first met the Joker working as a psychologist while he was in jail. Visit after visit, she started to fall for him until finally breaking him out. She does whatever the Joker wants her to do and will please him in any way. He has abused her, yet she still falls for him. Definitely an interesting character all around. Did I mention she was psychotic?

  • A merchant from the 1800's was murdered and dumped in the swamps outside of Gotham. He was resurrected and became a lifeless and giant zombie. He is immortal, has a healing factor, can resurrect himself, has strength comparable to Superman, and is invulnerable. He is a major threat to anyone in the DC Universe.

  • A terrorist of Gotham's corruption, he wants to weaken the state by using any form of violence he can. He kills those who are deemed wrong to society. A very interesting character at putting Batman in a moral dilemma.

  • An assassin with the best marksman skills in the DC Universe. He has developed a silenced wrist-mounted machine gun. He boasts never missing a single shot, except one. That one is the Caped Crusader. So, Floyd Lawton has a vendetta to finally kill the man that he missed.

  • Born to criminal parents, his family roamed around cross-country until one day they were caught by police. A gun fight started and Prometheus witnessed both his parents being killed by policemen. After this event, he has a dissonance towards hating the police and superheroes. So, naturally, he wants to expose of Batman.

  • A sadistic character that comes right out of a B-list scary movie. He butchers his victims to create them into gender-less, lobotomized creatures with crazy masks sewn to their face. Definitely worth not looking past.

  • Always rejected by those around him, Jervis Tetch is the nerd-story of someone who is bullied finally has a power and uses it irresponsibly. He uses his technology for mind-control and makes people do his bidding. He also binds people to their wills without second look. This character can be a very sadistic and dark character if the direction for him is taken very seriously in cinematic form.

  • Batman's Sandman can create weaponry out of himself and can shape-shift to look like anyone. An actor that hasn't made it big-time was rejected of a role that was promised to him. He then sets out a vendetta to kill those who betrayed him while wearing the mask of the role he was promised to do so. Accurately enough, that masked role was properly named "Clayface."

  • A very sympathetic character in Batman's gallery. Waylon Jones was born with a rare medical condition that gave him the appearance of an alligator. Growing up in the ghettos, he constantly faced violence while being abused too for looking the way that he did. As he got older and more crazy, he mutated more and was even stronger at the expense of his intelligence. So, he basically turned into a human-like giant lizard with a taste for human flesh.

  • DC universe's Lizard. Dr. Langstrom made a serum from bats (No, really?) to cure his deafness. He was hoping to obtain echolocation. Of course, in comics, that is not what happens. He turns into a giant and mindless bat. Not to mention that the bat serum is extremely addictive.

  • A serial killer who is several fries and a couple chicken nuggets short of a happy meal. He carves into his skin to tally how many lives he has taken. Victor thinks he is doing good by taking lives stating that he does it to end their dull times on earth. Someone who sees no wrong with what they do is a psychologically interesting character if looked at properly.

  • A very interesting minor character who bends Batman's own rules and morals. Lock-Up puts killers and criminals that Batman wants to dispose of in dire situations. Definitely an interesting villain testing the Bat's morals.

  • Garfield Lynns was a pyrotechnics expert who later turned to crime. He originally committed small crimes and was apprehended quite easily by Batman and Robin. During an accident with his pyrotechnic gear, Lynn was severely scarred and he created a suit that would protect him from the equipment. He advanced his weaponry and get half of Gotham on fire.

  • Andrea Beaumont was born into wealth as her father was a successful businessmen. Eventually, her father caught up with the wrong people and was killed. She donned a costume similar to that of the Grim Reaper. She had a vengeance for those who killed her father. She is also a former lover of Bruce Wayne.

  • One of the original rip-offs on any superhero, Killer Moth wanted to be just like the Bat originally. In later incarnations, Killer Moth has an acidic substance capable of dissolving flesh.

  • A serial killer with an obsession with dates. This character plans out when he will kill when it lines up with a date that he likes. This character has put Batman's detective skills up to the test to time when he will kill. I wonder if he knows when National Burrito Day is...

  • The most important character in the origin of Batman. Without his criminal act of murdering Bruce's parents, there would be no reason for Bruce to don the Batsuit. He is solely responsible for the creation of Batman.