Hostess Comic Ads

As of July, 2011 I have found 318 Hostess Comic ads

  1. Aquaman and Pirates' Gold
  2. Aquaman and Twinkies Cakes "That Dirty Beach"
  3. Aquaman and the "Imperiled Sub"
  4. Aquaman and the Space Capsule
  5. Aquaman in "The Ice Age"
  6. Aquaman "Mera Meets the Manta Men"
  7. Aquaman "Twinkies and Kelp"
  8. Archie in "Archie's New Girl"
  9. Archie in Crossword Puzzlement
  10. Archie in Double Trouble
  11. Archie in Good Deal
  12. Archie The Holdup
  13. Batgirl in A Matter of Good Taste
  14. Batgirl in "Fruit Pies for Magpies"
  15. Batman & Robin Birds of a Feather
  16. Batman and Professor Plutonium
  17. Batman and Sable Lady
  18. Batman and The Captive Commissioner
  19. Batman and the Corsair of Crime
  20. Batman and The Mummy
  21. Batman and Twinkieless Gotham City
  22. Batman in Catman on the Prowl
  23. Batman in Hearts of Darkness
  24. Batman in "Lights. . . Camera. . . Crime!"
  25. Batman in "The K-9 Caper!"
  26. Batman "Someone is Kidnapping the Great Chefs of Gotham City"
  27. Batman "The Muse"
  28. Batman "The Whole World's Upside Down"
  29. Batman vs. "The Intergalactic Gold Eaters"
  30. Batman vs. The League of Assassins
  31. Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig The Great Carrot Famine!
  32. Bugs Bunny Elmer's Love Life!
  33. Bugs Bunny Scatter Shot
  34. Captain America! "A Friendly Gesture"
  35. Captain America and The Red Skull
  36. Captain America and the Sore Sir's Apprentices
  37. Captain America and the Time Warp!
  38. Captain America "Cut On The Dotted Line"
  39. Captain America in An Invading Army
  40. Captain America in "Fury Unleashed!"
  41. Captain America in "The Deciding Factor!"
  42. Captain America in The Deserted City!
  43. Captain America in When it Rains it Pours!
  44. Captain America vs. The Aliens
  45. Captain Marvel and the Energy Crisis
  46. "Captain Marvel Defends the Earth!"
  47. Captain Marvel in "Flea Bargaining"
  48. Captain Marvel in "He's All Mouth!"
  49. Captain Marvel in Killer Bee and Son!
  50. Captain Marvel in The Big Bang!!
  51. Captain Marvel Meets the Dreadnought
  52. Captain Marvel Returns to Earth!
  53. Captain Marvel vs. Professor Sneer.
  54. Casper and the Boo Keepers
  55. Casper and The Boogy-Woogy Man
  56. Casper and the Fog
  57. Casper and the Ghnats
  58. Casper and the Mean Little Boy
  59. Casper and the No-Goodniks *
  60. Casper Ends a Spell
  61. Casper Ends the BOO Hoos
  62. Casper in 3 Ghosts in a Tub
  63. Casper in BOO-merang
  64. Casper in BOO-tiful Endings
  65. Casper in Disguise
  66. Casper in Ghosts in the House
  67. Casper in Happy BOO-Day
  68. Casper in "Haunted House for Sale"
  69. Casper in Lunch Box Thief *
  70. Casper in Moo BOO!!
  71. Casper in Nasty Ghost No More*
  72. Casper in Outer Space
  73. Casper in "Over the RainBOO"
  74. Casper in Scaredy Cats
  75. Casper in The Boohemians
  76. Casper in the Champ
  77. Casper in the Ghosts' Bazaar
  78. Casper in "The Scare Raid!"*
  79. Casper in Watching the Clouds Go By
  80. Casper in Witches with a a Heart of Gold
  81. Casper meets A Real Oddball
  82. Casper Meets a Robot
  83. Casper Meets the Golden Ghost
  84. Casper Plays Hide and Seek
  85. Casper Spook-A-Thon
  86. Cracky The Cup Cake Concoction!
  87. Cracky Time On My Hands!
  88. DareDevil in "Because!!"
  89. DareDevil in "McBrain's Brain Drain."
  90. DareDevil in The Peachy Keen Caper
  91. DareDevil vs. Johnny Punk!
  92. DareDevil's "Dare-Double"!
  93. "DareDevil's Longest Fight!"
  94. Fantastic Four in "Wonders of Nature"
  95. The Flash A Flash in the Dam
  96. The Flash in "Marathon Madman"
  97. The Flash in "The Stony-Eyed Medusa"
  98. The Flash Meets The Bureauc-Rat
  99. Green Arrow in "An Arrow In Time"
  100. Green Lantern and the Fruit Pie Scene
  101. Green Lantern "Half the People Here . . ."
  102. Green Lantern in "The Bobsled Run"
  103. Green Lantern vs. Mirror Master
  104. Green Lantern vs Triclops Three-Eyed Keeper of the Cave
  105. Hawkman in Concerts and Cupcakes
  106. Hawkman in "She's No Angel"
  107. Hawkman Makes a Safe Landing
  108. Hot Stuff and a Hot Rod
  109. Hot Stuff and Hot Rock
  110. Hot Stuff and Nasty Dan
  111. Hot Stuff in A Swell Party
  112. Hot Stuff in Baked Alaska
  113. Hot Stuff in Devilishly Good
  114. Hot Stuff in Frozen Forest
  115. Hot Stuff in Hot Ideas
  116. Hot Stuff in Lame Brain
  117. Hot Stuff in Loop the Loops
  118. Hot Stuff in Mad, Mad, Mad World
  119. Hot Stuff in Playing Cupid
  120. Hot Stuff in Seeing Things
  121. Hot Stuff in Shut My Mouth!
  122. Hot Stuff in Sigmund Fraud
  123. Hot Stuff in Somethin' Else Cookin'!
  124. Hot Stuff in "Stealing His Thunder"
  125. Hot Stuff in the Gobblin' Goblin
  126. Hot Stuff in Too Much Mush!
  127. The Incredible Hulk and "Friends!"
  128. The Incredible Hulk and the Green Thumb
  129. The Incredible Hulk and the Twins of Evil!
  130. The Incredible Hulk and the Ultimate Weapon!
  131. The Incredible Hulk Changes His Mind!
  132. The Incredible Hulk in Forget-Me-Net
  133. The Incredible Hulk in "Hulk Gets Even!"
  134. The Hulk in "Leave me Alone"
  135. The Incredible Hulk in Up a Tree!
  136. The Incredible Hulk vs. "The Green Frog"
  137. The Hulk vs. The Phoomie Goonies
  138. The Incredible Hulk vs. The Roller Disco Devils!
  139. The Human Torch in "A Hot Time in the Old Town"
  140. The Human Torch in "Blown About"
  141. The Human Torch in "Hot-Tempered Triumph!"
  142. The Human Torch in "Sparks Fly"
  143. The Human Torch in The Icemaster Cometh
  144. Human Torch Saves the Valley!
  145. Iron Man in A Dull Pain!
  146. Iron Man in An Irresistible Force!
  147. Iron Man in Brains Over Brawn!
  148. Iron Man in "City Crisis"
  149. Iron Man in Rust Be My Destiny!
  150. Iron Man in "The Charge of the Rhinos!"
  151. Iron Man in he Hungry BattleAxe!
  152. Iron Man vs. The Bank Robbers!
  153. The Joker in "Clowning Around"
  154. The Joker "Laugh, Clown, Laugh!"
  155. Josie and the Cup Cakes
  156. Josie and the "Strong Silent Type"
  157. Josie Attacks Karate
  158. Josie "Dicovers Pie Appeal"
  159. Josie "Goes to the Beach"
  160. Josie and Fruit Pies in "A Lift for a Chairlift"
  161. Josie in Attack of the Ice Creatures
  162. Josie in "Bucolic Frolic"
  163. Josie in "Dinner for Two"
  164. Josie in "Down We Go"
  165. Josie in "Getting Noticed"
  166. Josie in "Going, Going, Gone"
  167. Josie in "Josie Eats Her Words"
  168. Josie in "Josie Has The Answer"
  169. Josie in Leaving Town
  170. Josie in Mistaken Identity
  171. Josie and Fruit Pies in "Poor Dumb Thing"
  172. Josie and Fruit Pies in "Score"
  173. Josie in Shopping Spree
  174. Josie in "Smart Alex"
  175. Josie in "So Spoiled"
  176. Josie in "Special Date"
  177. Josie in the Bookworm Turns
  178. Josie and Fruit Pies in The Unveiling
  179. Josie in "The Winner"
  180. Josie in "Unfair Competition"
  181. Josie in "What Good Taste"
  182. Josie in "Yowsa Yowsa"
  183. Mr. Fantastic in "A Passion for Gold"
  184. Mr. Fantastic in "The Power of Gold!"
  185. The Penguin in "Penguins on Parade"
  186. The Penguin in "The Cuckoo Cuckoos"
  187. Plastic Man in Gold for Dessert
  188. Red Tornado in "Clean Sweep"
  189. Richie Rich and Bascomb, Richie's Chauffeur
  190. Richie Rich and Mr. Goldfinder
  191. Richie Rich Brightens up a Traffic Jam
  192. Richie Rich in A Real Treat
  193. Richie Rich in Around the World
  194. Richie Rich in Aunt Chatter Bucks
  195. Richie Rich in "Better to Give"
  196. Richie Rich in Dollar Eats Alaska! *
  197. Richie Rich in Giant-Sized Freckles
  198. Richie Rich in Lost and Found
  199. Richie Rich in Mechano Thanks You!*
  200. Richie Rich in Richie and his Robot
  201. Richie Rich in "Silly Goose"
  202. Richie Rich in "Soft Gold"
  203. Richie Rich in "Stand Up, Comic"
  204. Richie Rich in Stranded
  205. Richie Rich in Take It Away
  206. Richie Rich in The Winning Combination
  207. Richie Rich in What Money Can't Buy!
  208. Richie Rich meets A Gold Sovereign
  209. Richie Rich Meets a New Friend . .
  210. Richie Rich Pierre's Contest
  211. Richie Rich Tackles Problem
  212. The Road Runner A Real Blast!
  213. The Road Runner "Helter Skelter"
  214. The Road Runner in Paul Revere's Run!
  215. The Road Runner in Treat or Eat!
  216. The Road Runner Phony Express
  217. Sabrina in A Little Golden Magic
  218. Sabrina in A Taste of Gold
  219. Sabrina in "Growling Grizzlies"
  220. Sad Sack Catches it!
  221. Sad Sack in Doggone It
  222. Sad Sack in Down and Out
  223. Sad Sack in "Gold"
  224. Sad Sack in Happy Birthday
  225. Sad Sack in Happy Landing #1
  226. Sad Sack in Happy Landing #2
  227. Sad Sack in Lucky Day
  228. Sad Sack in Nap Sack On His Back
  229. Sad Sack in "Not Fair"
  230. Sad Sack in "Oops"
  231. Sad Sack in Sad vs Merri
  232. Sad Sack in The Big Hit!
  233. Sad Sack in The Hero
  234. Sad Sack in Wake Up, You Klutz!*
  235. Sad Sack in What a Trip
  236. Sad Sack on Safari*
  237. Sad Sack Saves the Picnic
  238. Shazam! Fights the Minerva Menace
  239. Shazam! "The Cup Cake Caper"
  240. Spider-Man and Madam Web!
  241. Spider-Man and the Cupcake Caper
  242. Spider-Man and the Demolition Derby
  243. Spider-Man and the Kidnap Caper
  244. Spider-Man and the "Twinkie Takers"
  245. Spider-Man in "Break the Bank"
  246. Spider-Man in " Hotshot on the Block. "
  247. Spider-Man in "Legal Eagle"
  248. Spider-Man in "The Rescue!"
  249. Spider-Man in The Spider-Man and the Fly!
  250. Spider-Man in The Trap
  251. Spider-Man in "The Trap"
  252. Spider-Man in Will Power!
  253. Spider-Man meets June Jitsui!
  254. Spider-Man Meets the Home Wrecker
  255. Spider-Man "Puts Himself in the Picture!"
  256. Spider-Man "Spoils A Snatch"
  257. Spider-Man! The Champ
  258. Spider-Man vs The Chairman!
  259. Spider-Man vs. The Human Computer!
  260. Spider-Man's Dream Girl!
  261. Spooky and Pearl's Purse
  262. Spooky in Don't Make Waves
  263. Spooky in One Big Boo After Another
  264. Superman in "An Unbeatable Power!"
  265. Superman in "Gold Mine Rescue"
  266. Superman in The Big Fall
  267. Superman in The Ionic Storm
  268. Superman in "The Rescue"
  269. Superman Meets the Orbitrons!
  270. Superman Saves the Earth
  271. Superman Saves the Weather Satellites!
  272. Superman "The Spy"
  273. Superman vs. The Laughing Gas Bandits
  274. The Joker as "The Cornered Clown"
  275. The Thing and the Ultimate Weapon!
  276. The Thing in "A Lesson to be Learned!"
  277. The Thing in "Earthly Delights"
  278. The Thing in Sunday Punch!
  279. "Thor and the False Immortal"
  280. Thor -- in Good Overcomes Evil!
  281. Thor in "The Ding-A-Ling Family"
  282. Thor! in the Storm meets its Master!
  283. "Thor Meets A Glutton for Gold"
  284. "Thor Meets The Ricochet Monster!"
  285. Tweety and Sylvester A Real Brick!
  286. Tweety and Sylvester A Tasty Trap!
  287. Tweety and Sylvester Flower Power!
  288. Tweety and Sylvester Gwany's Wacation!
  289. Wendy and the Cherry-Dactyl
  290. Wendy Brightens up the Night
  291. Wendy Catches the Good Taste Bandit
  292. Wendy Has a Visitor
  293. Wendy in A Little Magic
  294. Wendy in Break the Spell!
  295. Wendy in Give a Cheer
  296. Wendy in Her Smart Wand
  297. Wendy in The Forgotten Recipe!
  298. Wendy in The Gobble-Up Goblin*
  299. Wendy in The Gold at the End of the Rainbow
  300. Wendy in The Spell
  301. Wendy in "The Talking Surfboard"
  302. Wendy in The Ugly Monster
  303. Wendy in Up ‘N Down
  304. Wendy in Wendy’s Wand puts out the Fire
  305. Wendy in Wendy's Broom Saves the Day!
  306. Wendy in Which Witch is Which?
  307. Wendy in Which Witch is Which?
  308. Wendy in Willow Don't You Weep!
  309. Wonder Woman and "The Baron!"
  310. Wonder Woman "Dilemma"
  311. Wonder Woman in "Cooky La Moo on Broadway"
  312. Wonder Woman in "Old Gold"
  313. Wonder Woman in "The Borrower"
  314. Wonder Woman in "The Golden Treasure"
  315. Wonder Woman Saves the Astronauts
  316. Wonder Woman and Cup Cakes "The Maltese Cup Cake"
  317. Wonder Woman vs. "The Cheetah"
  318. Wonder Woman versus The Robot Master

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