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My Perfect Justice League Lineup

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  • Leader. That's right, Aquaman serves as the leader of this team. He was king of Atlantis, and therefore is used to authority and knows how to wield it effectively. While perhaps not the most personable of heroes, he has a strong presence and will be able to control a team under even the most dire of circumstances. He is also the only member of the original seven to be found on this team.

  • This League is funded by Oliver Queen, but he does not serve directly. Instead, filling his place among the team is Connor Hawke. While Connor is am impeccable archer, he is also a master martial artist and is a courageous warrior.

  • Serving as the team's scientist, The Atom may be small, but he packs a punch!

  • The egotistic, fame-obsessed, money driven man from the future. He'll add an interesting foil to the rest of the team, but his knowledge of the future will serve a key role, as he has knowledge of coming events. Plus, there's his famous bromance with...

  • Don't get me wrong, I like the new Blue Beetle, but Ted Kord will always be #1 in my book. Serving as another brain alongside Ray Palmer, as well as the best friend of Booster Gold, Ted is the heart of the team. He's always been an underdog, and that's what makes him so endearing.

  • Despite being young and relatively inexperienced compared to other heroes, Supergirl is the powerhouse of this team. She can be difficult at times, but brings a youthful energy to the table, backed by raw Kryptonian power.

  • Jesse is a character who doesn't get near enough love. And while Wally West will always be my favorite speedster, I feel as if Jesse Chambers fits the tone of this team much better.

  • John Henry Irons. Nuff' said.

  • Black Lightning really helps keep this team grounded, so to speak. BL has always made it a priority to look out for the "Little Guy," and, having grown up in the Suicide Slums, is highly conscious of social issues. In many ways, he is the most human member of this team.

  • Dinah brings far more than her Canary Cry to the table. She is a seasoned combatant, has a talent for strategy and is just an all around badass. Also

  • A tough, fun and all around great character with an interesting power set. I can see her forming a great friendship with Black Canary, too.

    Truth be told, I originally planned to use Animal Man in her place... but I don't think this team can handle anymore blondes...

  • A humorous hero with a criminal past, Plastic Man is a powerful shapeshifter and a great guy to have by your side.