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Battle Of The Ages 0

In this issue you will see the Doctor Octopus Spider-Man go against the Peter Parker Spider-Man in a amazing fight to the death battle all taking place in Peters brain. One of the most shocking issues I have read in this series. This issue will most defiantly have you knowing who is the most Superior Spider-Man. Doc Oct uses one of his inventions to get into his brain and destroy all of Peters memory which isn't ok with Peter knowing if Doc Oct does that their will be no chance of Peter getting...

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One of the best comics i have read in a long time 0

To be completly honest after reading The Amazing Spider-Man #700 - Dying Wish: Suicide Run; Spider-Dreams; Date Night I thought Dan Slott ruined Spiderman but after reading Superior Spider-Man i knew i was wrong. I was so addicted to the series that i went back to get the next one,then the next one,and so on.As you can see now i love Superior Spider-Man and everything that has to do with it. Spider-Man the non-killing superhero might turn over a new leaf while Otto is in his body and im loving ...

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