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The Good.Alright. The First issue of AvX Consequences. I overall liked this issue. It was a good first issue for this mini-series and to be honest I like where it's heading. As much as I hate to see Cyclops in prison I like the fact that mutants are being thrown in the dark again (brings back old sentinel memories). I like how the government is once getting involved, and the fact that they have new equipment to keep mutants captured is a plus as well. Over all it was a good first issue - I'll de...

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New Mutants #18 0

First four pages were kind of boring, I didn't really want to know why (even though they didn't explain why) the Limbo babies thought the New Mutants were the bad guys, we already knew that they were the bad guys to them so those first 4 pages we're just fill ins and a waste of space.   After that it somewhat got interesting but it's coming off as really cliche. The Limbo babies are all pretty cool, i dislike the fact that they took out Magik in one hit though and just decided to leave her out o...

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New Mutants Issue 17 Review 0

I was really excited to read this issue... and I was some what satisfied (but then again any new mutants comic would satisfy me.)  The beginning of the Issue was pointless in my eyes. Did we really need to know the build up to why Sam and Dani kissed? UH no... We knew they were drinking and stuff like that HAPPENS. The build up to that wasn't needed and I think was just added to fill up some pages.   Illyana going all demon b*** is always great, I like how her "darkchild" comes out and she doesn...

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Review: New Mutants #16 6

I rushed after work to get this comic, and I was not that impressed!   The story set up of this issue was pretty bland for my doings. I'm not a big reader when it comes to military and army scenes.   The New Mutant's non-presence is sort of a drag, and what even happened to Pixie!? All we see is her souldagger and we don't even see what happened to her? (I know I like to rush things...) But home girl better be safe or I'll be hella mad.    The one thing I did enjoy of this was the last page......

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