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Top 10 X-Men.

My top 10 favourite X-Men, Past & Present Members.

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  • Everyone on this site knows how much of an Emma Frost fanatic I am, so this shouldn't surprise anyone.

  • Magik, my little snowflake. She's a good girl with an evil twist to her. She's always got you on your toes and for that I love what the writers have done with her after coming back from the dead.

  • Amazing team leader. He's grown so much through these last 15 years as a character. Cannot get over the fact of how much I disliked him and now I'm absolutely in awe of him.

  • Loved him as a villain, loved him as a hero.

  • A lot of people dislike my little Pixie but I love her especially since she's joined the X-Men as their prime teleporter. She's a fun character with traits from some of our favourites, Shadowcat & Jubilee.

  • My gay speedster. I love Northstar! Loved him in Alpha Flight and love him as a reoccurring X-Men. He's arrogant but a softy on the inside. Loved that he got married and love that he's in the spotlight right now with Astonishing X-Men.

  • How I hated when they killed her off. Probably one of the most effective deaths I've read throughout the Marvel Universe. I still think her death wasn't needed, she was one of my favourite New X-Men and she was such a powerful character, I loved what they were doing with Laurie... *sigh* There's still hope though that she may return after 10 years... *sigh* not.

  • Kitty. Meow.

    I've always liked Kitty, she's been a favourite for years now. I loved her when she first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #129 and even in Whedon's run. She's a fun and loveable character, let's hope writers doesn't ruin her - because I don't want her to be turned into a hypocrite like Wolverine and Beast

  • Loving me some Noriko. I would have moved her closer top to the list but writers haven't been writing her effectively whatsoever recently. She used to be one of my favourite New X-Men, I loved her in Academy X and Childhood's End. She was an effective character and would have been an amazing team leader. I dislike the fact that writers have been shafting characters like Surge, let's hope they get more spotlight with Marvel Now.

  • Most of you are probably like "wtf" when you see that Regan made my top 10 haha I am sorry but I absolutely loved her in the X-Men run. She made Rogue's team way more fun and interesting. She was a bad girl trying to be good, she was manipulative and cunning. I couldn't help but love this character and I really hope to see more of her!