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Most powerful hosts/parasites

The ever-growing list of powerful hosts/parasites. Comment any you think are appropriate!

List items

  • Jean Grey, the avatar of the monumentally powerful Phoenix Force, capable of acts of near-omnipotence and power.

  • The bad side of the coin, the other half of existence, this nigh-omnipotent entity can destroy worlds on a whim by itself. Wielded by a male host, its powers go down substantially, but still more than enough to daze Superman.

  • Ancient being of light and purity, which wields a single, hapless human female to devastating effect. Nothing human-made can hurt them. Only ever have they (it?) been defeated - by the ancient force of evil, the Darkness.

  • From the 2009 game Prototype, this virus will turn you into an all-absorbing mass of tentacles and power, capable of shape-shifting, regenerating, and lifting in excess of 10 tonnes - at a minimum.

  • Venom with a small reskin and a lot more power.

  • Bonded with an ordinary human, this sentient alien symbiote will bestow a dozen superpowers, a hatred of Spider-Man, and a nice, black costume.

  • While this one does not benefit you directly (in fact, it turns you into a mindless beast), your zombified form still gets some useful abilities - from basic increased endurance, all the way to turning you into a monstrous centipede-human hybrid.