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@spambot said:

One other thing I would put in Ali's column as an advantage is his chin. He took some of the biggest beatings in boxing history(particularly from the mid 70's on) without going down. Tyson displayed a decent chin later on but still got knocked out quite a few times.

I agree with the bot

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Being so careless as to get bitten by a radioactive spider?

Geez, Peter, get your head in the game.

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If these guys can properly coordinate their movements and roles, they should take this easy. Clever use of strategy should bring down heavy hitters like Croc or Bane, and good old firepower/stealth will take care of the others.

However, Batman might be too much. He's faced on hardcore spec-ops guys before. Batman could take them in a hard battle.

Nice battle, by the way

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@micah: Thank you, I do hope more people realize Otto's greatness

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Yes. Let's see... more determined, more motivated, more efficient, more effective... he really is superior.

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Guys, how is this a discussion? While Bucky is a badass, he is not taking an above-average Asgardian with showings in both fighting skill and durability that surpass anything he ever did. Loki wins 10/10.

Bucky would put up a fight though, and probably score a few shots with the shield.

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You never addressed the question I asked multiple times, just continually dodged it

You need to move the ton weight a great distance. You never provided evidence that he could do this while stretched.

No, no, look. I'll explain again.

Let's say you see me, supporting a huge table on my back. It is very hard, and I am forced to give up after mere seconds. However, would you not think that "hey, actually, this guy might be able to carry a weight 150 billion times less heavy than that table"? 150 billion times. That is a lot lighter.

None of the scans provided ever showed Luthor or Jack travelling that fast, you have horribly exaggerated his abilities. Even if we say they have those reflexes Spiderman at best can dodge a mach 3-4 rifle bullet in motion but struggles or simply cannot keep up with a speeding car let alone move at mach 1.

Yeah, they do - there's a scan of Luther travelling along the path of a bullet, in the opposite way. It's not about reflexes, it's about speed. Or consider the scans of Luther

No you really did not and it is ridiculous to think that jumping in the confines of a building equals flight.

Again, I never implied sustained flight - just that he could jump very quickly from one place to another.

When you said what about me running your gauntlet

You wasted your prep by having one character do something that you had never seen him do while the rest did nothing.

I didn't mean I'd have a "gauntlet" or whatever.

I didn't waste any prep, every character is doing something as I have detailed.

You could have just watched the video that I directed you to rather than repeat this.

I have, but there's nothing to compare the sand wave to, really. So I have to assume Jack's leap is enough to scale it, and my characters can run around it anyway.

Go look at your prep.

Yes you can make decisions in combat which you carry out in combat, you do not make decisions and then time travel to perform them.

Why are you comparing a Skrull to the Thing? I will provide evidence. A quote from the novelization and examples of it's lower intelligence when not fully human:

"When attacked, it looks like even a fragment of one of these things will try to survive as best it's able. Even a sample of its blood. Of course, there's no higher nervous system, no brain to suppress a natural instinct like that if it's in the best interests of the larger whole to do so. The cells have to act instinctively instead of intelligently. Protect themselves from freezing, say. Or from incineration. The kind that might be caused by a hot needle, for instance"

This perhaps also accounts for why the Norris spiderhead scurried from its hiding spot when it did. Maybe its body mass was not sufficiently large enough to form an intelligent brain center. Consequently, it didn't know enough not to blow its cover when the men still presented a danger.

The thing as a dog started assimilating dogs as soon as it was put in the cage with them drawing the attention of the humans and leading to it's destruction.

The dog showed no rationale planning it got itself killed because it didn't understand that assimilating would draw attention from the humans and it merely ran from humans trying to kill it, something even a mouse is capable of doing.

Don't exaggerate, I'm not "time-traveling", I'm planning for battle.

That's the novelization. The character I am using is "The Thing (movie)", so I will only use movie feats, where the Thing acts equally intelligent in all forms.

It manages to succeed escaping the humans, runs away, and acts like a normal dog until it reveals itself, and it never gets destroyed.

Another ridiculous statement, you shouldn't need rules for the obvious.

You need rules for obvious

Really ?!? I am just going to re-post the video skippedto the part where the guy see's how big the wave got within moments and sh*ts himself and this guy was fighting on par if not better than Rock lee. It then washes over a forest.

Sure, good for him, but it's not that wide (albeit very strong, hence the forest feat). Which is why I avoid/go over it.

Your character is not hypersonic and your actually comparing beams of light to hypersonic :/

The same way I always make sure they do by not forgetting that your character is not dodging this all one at a time, he's attempting to dodge everything at once

I was joking, man, hence the emoticon. And he can dodge everything at once - the attack that's coming at him isn't that great.

Back to this, how are they fighting alongside Jack when

quote from you

The seconds the battle begins, Jack uses his near-sonic speed to rush to your team


Again, you do not prove this, you just say so. How are they useless? They are all formidable and can hurt you. The Thing, as I have mentioned, can take one of your guys out and get them on our side. My other fighters can go one-to-one.


Again, she'll be tangled up with my team. As I've said, they can hug it (not literally, just stay close) and go around like that, not necessarily up.


Yeah, he did, he runs forward, that's his role in the assault - the main, point man.

once he is quickly dealt with they go after the box, your team have no means of stopping her at range and Bison can teleport, more examples of TK

Dealt with quickly? Half your team can't react to him, let alone hurt him.

Decent durability compared to a normal man but the bullets still penetrate.

...And are stopped by muscle.

Your entire basis combating flight and the grasping sandwave was this scan

Yeah, which show his perfect ability to do that.

You saw how much sand Gaara created by pulling minerals from the Earth within seconds so he could easily make a big hole within an hour as that's all he has to do during prep.

Shown here creating a row of spikes in a split second so I would have no problem creating a line within half an hour

That's great, but again, those are quite low, and the speeds Jack is going at, he could literally sail over any holes.

why are you quoting running times under optimal conditions when these aren't optimal conditions. What do you think Usain Bolts time would be running 1000 yards at my team when they are attacking and have prepped the ground?

What's the difference? The traps you set are just several metres long, it'll barely be a second's difference.

Entirely based on speculation, terrible logic and overestimation of characters ability.

Entirely based on scans, ABC logic, and perfect estimation of character ability.

I am sorry but your new spoiler blocks won't open for me.

The speed of the T-Spheres is quite impressive, I admit.

What are you talking about? I am pointing out that you never did it when you could have.

You do not get to add to prep once the match is under way, everyone should know that

Adding prep is part of the match.

I am aware of his ability to charge items bit you never showed me him charging multiple moving items at range.

Hence why I agree why your T-Sphere statement is quite impressive.

How can you say this when I directly quoted you saying you would turn him against my team.

I didn't mean he'd literally get into his head, I mean he'd just convince him not to attack my team. Which isn't mind control, just suggestion.

That's like saying a punch will get past what hammer couldn't, the T-sphere blocks all mental influence. He has created a field to protect an entire city street with a few but rather than waste time posting more scans I should point out that, you have provided no evidence that he can still do this, it requires that you have a conversation with him, it's not Jessie Custers word of god and finally but most importantly it doesn't work on people who are aware of it - I have full knowledge.

That's a fair enough argument, and I concede to your points, but my main plan doesn't rest on Gambit's influence.

The first scan had him deflecting bolts with a blast

Second actually shows him holding the cards he is throwing

First scan was him charging some guy's shield, I believe, and second was him charging a mechanical arm.

Sand wall! Cover! Caps too slow, but just to impress the rubes

Here he is d*cking with Guile

and here is his durability which has him knocked into a building which then collapses and he emerges unscathed, he can also regen from stab wounds through the chest but the building thing makes that redundant against a rifle.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

That's great again, but Guile isn't as superhuman in his reflexes as Jack, or Cap, or Kleiser are. The regen is impressive, but that doesn't necessarily equate to bulletproof durability. As you mentioned with Jack earlier, stopping a knife wound is impressive for human, but not for the superhumans with which we fight. He stops a knife, but a knife to the chest is far less damaging than a .50 cal round to the head.

You showed a few scans of him knocking back 100 tonners, here's what happens after they get knocked back

One hit to the head and he struggles to get up and he needs Sues help to get Namor off him. I also posted a scan of Thing easily overpowering him. But not important as...

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4

...he was unable to react to Spiderman tumbling towards him how can he react to Monet at mach 3? The T-spheres can also take him out. Bison can fling him away and all you've shown for Gambit are some feats of him throwing cards and deflecting laser boltss. I showed the T-spheres one shotting tanks and moving over the limit.

You had him stretching to his limit. One last quote for the road

Again, he doesn't need to fight Monet anyway, she'll be fighting my guys, most likely. And he doesn't need to keep her down if he fights her, just tank her blows (which was my point). Bison will not pick him up so easily, his TK can be distracted, and his reaction feats are sketchy - my point is that he can tank 10-50 tonners (50 tonnes feats which I am not sure of). Guys like 10,000 + tonner Namor could conceivably hurt him.

Summary for those too lazy to read through the entire tournament (my version)

For prep I had Gambit charge Cap's bullets, and as he controls kinetic energy, they wouldn't harm him.

I then decided to modify my plan several times, something that is apparently not allowed in debates, a new concept to me.

I then sent a 10-20 tonner who goes at mach + speeds to mess up his team, easily getting past his ineffective "traps" which are just some spikes, barely a couple of metres long, and a sandwave that Jack clears with ease. Jack then uses the glue trap to trap all of his team but maybe two of them, and cuts through them with the anti-superhuman killing swords with ease, reflecting TP with Magneto's helmet. Meanwhile, Cap snipes at the team, and the Thing (who has been disguised as a bird) comes down and starts causing havoc, along with Kleiser.

While his team gets ripped apart, Mr. Fantastic and Gambit make their way to the objective. Mr. Fantastic can easily tank the blows of any of Dexter's team-members, and Gambit is there if any diversion/help is needed.

It really comes down to whether my team destroy his first, or Reed and Gambit reach the objective.


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Whoops, little late to the party