My X-Men

This is a dream list of X-Men who I think would make a fun and interesting lineup. Not gritty (I'm SO not into all the blood and death) but still full of battles against evil mutants and corrupt governments nonetheless.

List items

  • Back in her proper British body, Psylocke is the leader of this new team of X-Men. Feeling that there is enough death and killers amongst the mutant population, Psylocke set out to form a team unwilling to take lives. Aided by Dazzler and Gambit, she set out and recruited various young mutants to her team. I see her as a possible romance for Gambit.

  • Gambit and Psylocke formed the new (my) X-Men team of various mutants to restore the X-Men to their former glory. Gambit aided and assisted in hand picking the recruits. I also would foresee a romance between him and either Psylocke or Dazzler.

  • Specifically requested by her good friend Psylocke to help her form and join the new team of X-Men, Dazzler is an experienced heavy hitter. Able to relate to the younger members (and sometimes making it awkward for the shy Skids), she would be the bridge between the younger and older mutants. I could see her as a possible romance for Gambit.

  • Believing he needed to be more involved in the mutant community, Vance joined the (my) X-Men at the request of Psylocke. Being experienced as both an Avenger and a New Warrior, he would take the team and help shape it into something great.

  • Ariel is the team teleporter on my dream X-Men team. Her playful and (slightly) manipulative personality would play well against her fellow teammate Boom Boom.

  • Boom Boom would be some heavy firepower for my dream X-Men. Her past friendship with her teammate Skids and the banter between her and Ariel would definitely be a nice highlight.

  • Skids shyness and mixed morals would be an interesting dynamic on my dream X-Men team. Not to mention her dealing with Rusty's death finally. At the end of the day, even with her friend Boom Boom by her side, where would she ultimately stand?

  • Julians temper and abrasive personality would be a great compliment to his other teammates on my dream X-Men team. I could see a whole storyline involving him and Skids learning from each other about their force fields and different ways to control them. Perhaps eventually even a little romance ...

  • Mysteriously still alive after Nerosha, Bevatron reluctantly joins the new X-Men (my dream team, of course) led by Psylocke (now back in her British body). His past as a "villain" would put him at odds (at times) with his various teammates but at the end of the day, he would truly wish to reform. His new lease on life would also give him a Goddess complex with Selene.