Limbo, Lost in Limbo

Great characters that have all but vanished. Full of potential, these guys should definitely reappear.

List items

  • Skids has always been a favorite of mine. For some reason, writers never know what to do with her. She recently (used loosely) as a member of SHIELD working undercover in the Morlock Tunnels. Nothing ever really went anywhere with that. Hell, I totally thought Necrosha would be a good place to have her shine but ... despite the fact Rusty Collins was brought back by Selene, Skids was completely absent.

    Her loyalties that brought her out as a hero AND villain throughout the years always keep me guessing. Who knows, maybe she'll turn up some day soon here.

  • When Crimson Fox first appeared back in the day, she was probably the only actual European on Justice League Europe. It was a nice twist having her as twins that shared the mantle. I always enjoyed the sexual tension she brought to the team. When the sisters were killed, I thought "that's that". However, they brought a NEW Crimson Fox to the scene a couple of years ago. Supposedly she inherited the legacy of the D'Aramis twins but ... it's been a LONG while since that storyline went anywhere.

  • Shriek was my favorite part of the "Maximum Carnage" storyline. She was pure psycho wrapped up in a neat power. After that particular crossover ended, her appearances have been few and far between. There is so much they can do with her however no one ever does. As far as Spider Man enemies go, she's my favorite.

  • Back in the day, Julia Carpenter was everywhere it seemed. She always intrigued me. I loved her. She disappeared after Force Works was canceled and resurfaced quite some time later during "Civil War". I loved her story as a double agent working with Shroud. Her fights with Ms. Marvel were epic. After she joined Omega Flight, I figured we'd see (at least) a bit more of her. Guess I was wrong.

  • With a villain that has been THREE separate ladies, you'd figure that she'd show up a bit more. Each and every one of the three had unique traits and stories. My personal favorite is Vanessa Kapatelis. She was the most twisted and altered from her original state. So much potential. Now all she seems to be used for is background filler. Which of these three ladies will be the first to turn up? Who knows, but I hope it's any of them ... and soon.

  • Never really used to any sort of potential since Secret Wars, Volcana is past due (in my opinion) for a dust off. Either as a hero or villain (though my vote is for the latter), this woman can sure pack a punch in any sort of storyline that may come up. Team her up with Titania and sick her after She-Hulk or Arachne and I'd be a happy, happy, HAPPY little Princess.

  • I've just been re-reading the old issues of Cloak & Dagger and I really liked Mayhem. She had a really good storyline that I wish would have been touched upon a bit more. Hopefully she'll turn up again someday soon.

  • I read a couple of issues of Spider-Man back in the day when he teams up with Black Cat against the Female Furies. Mindblast was so cool, I thought. It's a shame that they really haven't used her since. Maybe someone will dust her off and bring her out to play.

  • Where do I start? Clea is a great character. She is fascinating and rife potential when it comes to stories. It baffles me that no one ever uses her. Hopefully we'll get to see her some more soon.

  • They went through all the trouble to bring her back in the Heralds limited series only to abandon her right after. She has a ton of story potential. Hopefully one day soon someone will use her.

  • Last I saw of Ricochet was his appearances in the Loners mini series. I'd like for him to reappear somewhere. He's interesting and I'd like to get more of his story.

  • I loved Amanda during Excalibur. She still fascinates me to this day. But what I want to know is - where is she and what has she been doing for the passed few years?