Favourite Teams

My favourite teams.

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  • What can I say about the Avengers West Coast ...? I love them. SO many great members - Scarlet Witch, Julia Carpenter, Tigra, Mockingbird, Wonder Man, Quicksilver ... love these guys.

    Also, the first comic I ever purchased for myself was an issue of Avengers West Coast ... lots of nostalgia here.

  • This team had SO many great members - Ice, Fire, Silver Sorceress, Crimson Fox, Booster Gold. My first experiences with subscribing to a comic was thanks to this team. LOVE THEM!!

  • These guys had lots of potential. LOTS! However ... they went seriously underused. Even their deaths (which the impact of lasted for a really long time) seemed kind of forced. I really wanted them to be developed; either as evolving into serious villains or even changing sides.

    Despite what people say ... I really like their outfits!

    Favorite members: Tarot, Bevatron, Roulette, Catseye, and Empath.

  • The sheer silliness of a European branch of the Justice League International with only like, one European was great. So many great moments and interactions between the various members. Breakdowns was one of my ALL TIME favorite crossovers.

    The art could have been better but ... I'll let that slide. ;)

  • For some reason, this team of mutant terrorists has always been a favorite team of mine. So much potential that went under-used, in my opinion.

    Former friends of the various members of X-Force that popped up as members (Skids, Rusty, Moonstar, Reignfire/Sunspot, Feral, Locus (well ... for a time she was rumored to be Illyanna) ... such good times!!

  • I've always had a soft spot for these guys. I loved their fanaticism and devotion to Magneto. In reality, that devotion could be applied to any number of strong leaders - Apocalypse, Sinister, Selene, etc. They have a ton of potential if used right.

    Favorite members: Skids, Rusty, Scanner, Unuscione, Neophyte, Amelia Voght, Chrome.

  • This alien team of Royal Guards was always intriguing to me. I always wanted to learn more about the various members. To me, the are a reminder of when the X-Men was a fun title and so full of adventure.

    Favorite members: Oracle, Nightshade, Magique, Electron, Tempest, Manta