Favourite Storylines/Crossovers

Storylines and crossovers that I really like.

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  • This has to me my absolute favorite storyline from any comic ever. It took the (basically) comic titles of Justice League International/America and Justice League Europe and destroyed them. Over the course of the 16 or so issues, the teams faced challenges that would prove to be nigh insurmountable. Silver Sorceress' death was really well done. She is one of my favorite characters ever and I was touched by her death. The repercussions would be felt until this day.

  • Alternate universe stories usually do little for me but ... this whole line of titles was AWESOME. I loved seeing how characters were altered and twisted to fit this new timeline. You could feel the desperation and hopelessness that the world felt. Apocalypse was an adversary that many would fall trying to defeat. Pure brilliance.

  • This is my favorite Avengers crossover. I loved that they were up against a group of characters that were usually X-Men related (the Shi'ar). It was great to see the various moral choices the characters made and how they affected the team. I have the TPBs of this crossover and read them quite frequently.

    A nice touch was the "origin" of the brown leather jacket - Sersi made them because they were chilly.

  • Despite the fact that every ounce of this storyline has been washed away from continuity, I still have a soft spot for it. I loved the changes to the various characters' outfits. I LOVED the change to Wasp. It was also nice to see Mantis get some time to shine.

  • I loved this crossover. It was great that Crystal was essentially the central character. Exodus was an awesome villain, hell he even fought Sersi to a standstill. I always thought the whole Genosha concept was brilliant. This was a great way also to be a factor in the dissolution of Avengers West.

  • Call me a sucker for the 90s crossovers but ... i honestly thought this one was a lot of fun. The Goddess was a really weird and kooky villain. It was really neat to see the unification (as it were) of the various spiritual characters.

  • I really loved how random this all was. Some really great stories came from this too. I always had a soft spot for Excalibur and it was nice that they have a story arc unique to them.

  • To this day, I still love this crossover/arc. This roster is my favorite of all the X-Men rosters. And this story just perfectly showcases them. I'm all for the New Mutants and X-Factor as well but ... nothing tops this X-Men story.

  • This Avengers storyline was EPIC. The Masters of Evil were a force to be reckoned with. The amount of damage they wreaked was insane. The lineup of the MoE was definitely my favorite roster. The Avengers had some of my favorite members. Just got the Hardcover of this and look forward to giving it another go.

  • Super 80s. Super lame. But I LOVE it because Dazzler and Boom Boom get their moments to shine. Haven't read it in AGES but I still fondly hold it in my heart.

  • Another crossover that is trapped in the 80s but at least it introduced three of my favorite characters: Spider Woman, Titania, and Volcana. It also gave a spotlight to Enchantress, Wasp, and Human Torch. It's a cute story.

  • This was the "X-Men in the 90s" at it's height. Such a great story. Every moment of it is full of anticipation and excitement. The Acolytes are kick ass. The climax was just awesome.

  • Inferno was brilliant. I love the twisted and dark story. Seeing Havok, Dazzler, and Longshot "corrupted" was pretty cool. Madelyne was pretty kick ass as the Goblin Queen. I wish it got more respect that it's due.

  • This crossover was quite the tale. I've always been fond of it, ever since I was a kid. I loved how powerful Thanos was and how desperate the situation became. When the Celestial Beings intervened, I was introduced to Mistress Love and Sire Hate ... both of whom I LOVE.

  • I loved Onslaught, no matter how much everyone else hated it. It had a great build up. It affected EVERY corner of the Marvel Universe. Heroes Reborn was rubbish but I thought this was perfect. It was kind of lame that Onslaught had amassed an "army" but nothing was ever done with them though.

  • I put this here because it was a great precursor to Generation X. The story was not very good but i loved watching Emma turn over a new leaf. In my opinion ... Blink should have stayed dead.

  • Brightest Day had potential. That's why it's on my list. Do I think it was horribly paced? Yes. Do I think the ending was lame? Yes. Am I happy Aquaman is alive again? HELLS YEAH!

  • This storyline was amazing. I loved the pacing, the characters involved, and the concept.