Characters That Changed My Life

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  • The first comic book I read was an issue of "Vision and Scarlet Witch". She became an instant favorite. No matter how poorly writers use her, she'll always be my first.

  • When i played the old X-Men arcade game, Dazzler was my character of choice. I don't think I've ever been ANYONE else on that game. Her presence on the X-Men team back in the 80s was my favorite run on that book. I am SO glad she's back. Now all she needs is her own title again. ;)

  • My favorite character from my favorite comic book. Ice was the sweetest and most gentle hero ever. Something about her "clicked" with me. To be honest, when she was killed back in the 90s, it was a tough time for me. It was the first time a character I loved was killed and ... lets just say it affected me.

  • Northstar's coming out was ... monumental, to say the least. I always suspected it while reading the old "Alpha Flight" but never thought marvel would have the guts to have him reveal it on panel. He could be used more, I believe, but ... as with most great potential filled characters, that's always the case.

  • Selene was the first villain I ever truly liked. I loved the contrast and utter hatred she had with Emma Frost. I'm glad they're now focusing on her immortality and her being a "Goddess". She can do no wrong in my eyes ... which is scary since she is a mass murderer.

    I love that her name is the same as the Greek Goddess of the Moon, my patron deity.

  • The first (and among the only) issue of Spider-Man I read had him teaming up with Black Cat against the Female Furies (or something like that). I was fascinated by her and still am to this day (yes, even after Marvel Divas). I truly believe she deserves her own solo title.

  • My first exposure to Ivy was in the (utterly horrible) "Batman & Robin" movie. Yet despite the terrible acting supplied by Uma Thurman, I still was intrigued by the character. I found out as much about her as I could and well, became a huge fan. I began to see her point of view more and more and even contemplated Greenpeace thanks to her. I wouldn't have been as violent as her though ... probably.

  • I've never read "Daredevil" so my first encounter with Mary was in the issue of Spider-Man where she develops her Bloody Mary persona. I found that issue really well done. Her struggles with her various persona and their points of view. I wish more writers focused on her actual struggle and not only on her homicidal tendencies. I think it would be great for readers to see that and carry it forth so the stigma regarding Multiple Personality Disorder wouldn't be further convoluted.

  • When I was younger and reading "Uncanny X-Men", I was drawn to Havok because I loved his struggle with feeling inadequate compared to his brother, Cyclops. His uneasiness with (what I interpreted as) repressed feelings towards Dazzler (not wanting to be "over" Polaris), and finally his self-destructive behavior that led him into the arms of Madelyne Pryor and becoming her Goblin Prince. To me, he is a case of the "inadequate" being more interesting and compelling compared to the "better" brother.

  • I love Psylocke. Love her. But what changed my life was actually a negative thing - her transformation. I loved her British self. The suit of armor, a great and well thought out idea. She was weak and frail (as evidenced by her near death by Sabretooth's hands) and yet she was still trying to prove herself to her team. She was cold and distant (as evidenced by her telepathically manipulating her friends into walking through the Siege Perilous).

    And then it was all ruined by her being turned into a ninja slut who was a carbon copy of every other ninja slut out there.

  • Diana is the first female hero that I read about that was just as strong and "epic" as the male heroes. devoted to her Gods, always willing to sacrifice herself for the better good, and a staunch supporter of justice ... Diana has it all. Any time i see any sort of Wonder Woman merchandise, I have to instantly purchase it.

    Without Diana, there would be no other strong female heroes out there. She was the first. She is the best.

  • Namor was my first comic book crush. He was a strong and dominant undersea King. Not afraid to alienate himself from friends and teammates, he had shown me that sometimes you need to do that in order to get your point across. When he was with the Avengers and had to kill his wife, Marrina, I honestly think it was the first time I cried because of a comic book.

    He's also a sexy man who spends most of his time in a pair of speedos. Can't beat that. ;)