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The Only Thing to Fear is a Spacedog with a Machine Gun 1

The GoodWhat we have here is a prime example of what comics should be. Clever, action-packed, well illustrated, and non-clichéd.This is really the first time all the characters have acted together as a team, and WOW is it incredible! You have Richard Feynman and Albert Einstein in a full out brawl with a rogue AI...and on the other side of the world, Yuri Gagarin, Laika, and an ex-Nazi vs. the same.Every single character becomes likable in this issue. Every. Single. One. Except the AI, I never t...

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Living Hell is Heaven to Batfans 1

If you're a fan of the Bat rogues, this is the comic for you. It's the flipside of the coin of Morrison's Serious House on Serious Earth; more of a day-to-day guide to life in Arkham than a biblical nightmare. In other words, they complement each other very nicely.It is told through the lens of Warren White, the 'Great White Shark'. He manages to plead insanity for money laundering or something of the sort....but that might not have been the right move. The major bat characters make only minor a...

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This is my least favorite comic I've ever read. It is utterly disgusting. I couldn't even finish it, and I literally suffer from post-traumatic stress due to this book.Ugh.See, the problem here is that I had read the Courtyard, and I thought it was a lot of fun. And then I picked up the first issue of Neonomicon at SDCC, and while it was a little iffy, it was still okay.And then there was this.I don't want to hear your arguments about how 'fitting' or whatever this issue was. Trust me, people ha...

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Perfect Just Got Better 1

Hey, remember when I reviewed the first volume of this series? Well against all odds, this volume is EVEN BETTER. You do need to read the first for it to make sense though.Since I already gave a defense of the rock-star writer actually being able to write, I'll jump straight into the reviewSéance, What Did You Do?Can sum up about half of this book. What a great character, wow. But if you don't like Séance (*gasp*) that actually doesn't matter. A LOT goes on here. Again, don't want to spoil anyth...

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Magnum Opus 2

It's no secret that Umbrella Academy is my favorite series. I'll vouch for it any time anyone asks for a series recommendation. It's probably about time I said WHY. So here we go:Don't Judge a Book by its WriterOne thing I hear a lot about why people won't read TUA is that 'it's by the singer of My Chemical Romance, it's probably trash'. This is absolutely untrue. Well, not entirely, the writer is Gerard Way of MCR, but that's really besides the point. I knew nothing of the band when I picked up...

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Xombi-fied 3

Wow did I love this issue. And I have to REALLY like something to write a review…that or be bored, but I'm not bored.  Anyway, here we go:  The Good!This read like an issue of Grant Morrison's run on Doom Patrol. Masterfully crafted story, unlike many of the fairly slow first issues. And Nun-puns! You can't go wrong with puns about nuns! This introduced all the necessary elements for the series, absolutely amazing.  The Bad. I didn't love the art, but it definetely suits the series. I think my m...

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Doesn't Quite Take the Hat 0

In every set of Joker's Asylum, there are some good stories, and some mediocre ones. This happens to fall into the mediocre category. The main reason? Probably the art. Oh, and the fact that it follows the exact same storyline as half the other Joker's Asylums. Super-villain meets girl. Super-villain falls in love with girl. Super-villain wins girl's heart/captures girl. Something goes wrong. Super-villain goes back to being typically super-villain-y. Yep, that about sums it up.  The Good  The t...

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Calculating Doom 3

Okay, first off this is going to be a slightly biased review since I'm probably the Calculator's biggest fan...  So in this arc the Calculator is using Apokoliptian technology to take Oracle down with a technoplague. Awesome? Definetely.  The Good Oracle finally FINALLY admits the Calculator is as smart as her. Um...probably should review the stuff that would be interesting to other people. Okay...this book maintains a humorous tone while not subtracting in the slightest from the seriousness of ...

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Jigsaw Puzzle 3

Things are finally starting to piece together in the Return of Bruce Wayne. This issue more focused on Damian, and his role as Robin. This included relation to Batman and Talia. And...one more person which would be too much of a spoiler here. The Good The whole 'mind controlled Damian' thing seemed to fit here. I enjoyed how Deathstroke's powers were used to their full potential, as well as Dick's Blüdhaven reference. Morrison is also setting up something big with Dr. Hurt, who I had been wantin...

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Back to the Golden Age 0

And by the Golden Age I certainly don't mean the 1930s. I mean Grant Morrison's run, where the Doom Patrol was really amusing, and really bizarre.  The Good We're starting to see more original characters, and the return of many of the Morrision age characters. The characters are changing their styles (Negative Man no longer just shoots the negative spirit at things), and you can really see the Doom Patrol's world. Plus, I certainly wasn't opposed to the return of the character on the last page.....

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The Rise of the Rings 0

Before your read any of this, just a warning that it is a full scale Spoiler Alert          Okay, I think that got everyones attention. Now for the review. I felt that this issue really helped define the rings, showing their differences. The Red Lantern ring literally renders the heart unnecessary. Atrocitus got his ripped out, and kept right on trying to destroy black lanterns. Black Lanterns can sense emotion, and regenerate. Orange Lanterns have the whole corps. Indigo Lanterns channel oth...

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