Spiffy in Spandex

Some of the coolest costumes in comics!

((In no particular order, WIP))


Or unless they've ONLY appeared in the N52

List items

  • Man, look at this guy! THe mask actually goes really well with the torn shirt thing and yellow...bodysuit? He might not be able to pull it off, but this guy looks SASSY!

  • For a night-vision base hero, this costume is boss. Imagine this guy just dropping out of nowhere. Some images capture it better than others, but Argus looks EPIC when portrayed correctly.

  • Okay, I get it...he looks pretty average usually. BUT he has this fantastic crosswork puzzle jacket/equation tie combo that is AMAZING for a non-costumed villain.

  • NOT the New 52 version. That costume is AWFUL. But pre-boot, the tornado design on the simple green was easily recognizable and really worked. The yellow stood out when he made storms, and the green could be faded to black for nice contrast.

  • The thing about Ted's costume is it conveys his personality while still looking like something a crimefighter might wear.

  • ....Because of Russia, that's why.

  • Pre-Generation Lost Ice. It showed her power and her innocence, and usually wasn't drawn to be horribly cheesecake-y.

  • Batman if he was a dragon. BAT-DRAGOn.

  • He has a plane IN HIS CHEST. 'Nough said.

  • The combination of famous optical illusions and shoulder-beds, with pajamas, makes this costume.

  • Elegant, intricate, and yet battle-ready.

  • Phantom Stranger is just so dapper. He really fits the times, no matter when that happens to be.

  • Shade's New 52 costume is awful. But Pre-52 his colorful costume expressed his insanity while still remaining practical

  • Again. Just so dapper. And the mask can be pretty neat.

  • I don't know why I like this costume as much as I do. The silver lining with the red just works very nicely.

  • Sick fires bro!