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Icarusflies' Comic Recommendations List of Awesomeness

Here is a list of comics I COMMAND you to read! They are just WAY TOO GOOD to ignore! (This list is incomplete)

List items

  • This introduces the BEST TEAM EVER! The Umbrella Academy. You don't have to know any continuity, it's completely different from all other super-hero books, AND it has some amazing quotes which I won't give away.

  • The continuation of Apocalypse Suite: Introducing the most adorable puppy in comics, time travel, more Séance epicness...and it's written by a Rock Star, what more could you POSSIBLY want?

  • A humorous take on life in Arkham. Featuring all your favorite villains and SOME YOU NEVER HEARD OF! Yay for obscureness! Also, it has almost an ENTIRE CHAPTER in rhyme!

  • Introducing the Brotherhood of Dada! Also, a fascinating look into Crazy Jane's brain. Combines silliness and deep philosophical thought without a hitch.

  • The horrors of telephones! And the color green! Oh, and introducing the NEW NEW NEW Brotherhood of Dada.

  • The cover should REALLY be enough on its own...but continuing the Brotherhood of Dada story arc, lots of cool stuff like that, you get the picture.

  • Focus on a more obscure character. Extremely well written and introducing a new viewpoint to super-heroics.

  • Continuing the fabulous Animal Man run. All the good stuff in the first is here too! Keep reading even if it seems a little slow...it gets better!

  • The finale! The trip to Limbo makes this completely worth it, but the ending is just FANTASTIC!

  • There are a lot of volumes in this so I'm just going to say...READ THEM ALL! This series is hilarious, has lots of obscure characters guest starring, and introduces some new fun characters.

  • There aren't any volumes submitted for this (yet) so I'll specify:


    Flash: Blood Will Run


    Flash: Blitz

    Flash:Secret of Barry Allen

    Flash: Crossfire

    Flash: Rogue War

    I know I'm missing at least one, but basically Geoff Johns run on the Flash. Kolins art is amazing, with lots of Easter Eggs and incredible detail. The stories are complex, and don't fizzle out. The issues are pressing. There is humor. There are Rogues! If you have to shell out some money for the out of print ones, IT IS WORTH IT!

  • The JLI is back! Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are in it! Need I say more? Yes, yes I must. You have extra-ordinary facial expressions, constant humor, and even the Issue Credits are funny!

  • I can't believe it's not the Justice League! Featuring the JLI. (I'm not sure this is the right volume, so just look for I Can't Believe It's Not the Justice League). It has rhyming! Burgers! G'Nort! And Dr. Seuss' Evil Twin!

  • Geoff John's run on JSA. There are many new, fascinating characters introduced, and the quality really hasn't been matched in JSA titles since.

  • This story arc (collected in five volumes) really shows what makes Gotham tick. It focuses on individual characters, and really gives Gotham soul and spirit.

  • I don't care if you don't like Stephanie Brown. You will STILL love this series. It keeps things light and funny while still being a genuine super-hero title. I really didn't like Stephanie before this, but I'm now a fan.

  • This series is perhaps among the greatest in comics. Written by Neil Gaiman it encompasses pretty much every genre. Characters from the main DCU make occasional appearances. This is what got me into comics.

  • This series captures the feel of Grant Morrison's run. That's high praise coming from me.

  • The art is really what makes this comic. It is the origin of Mr. Freeze. While the fantasy-art is the main focus, the writing is very good and emotional.

  • An alternate Gotham. This is unusually well thought-out for an alternate universe, though the art can be sketchy at times.

  • This comic manages to be funny and gritty at the same time. It takes several obscure characters and redefines them. Especially good if you are a fan of Nightwing and Roy Harper.

  • Geoff John's run on Teen Titans really defined the team. It kept some of the lightness of Young Justice while letting the characters mature. It also gives a more personal view of some of the big DC events.

  • Best of the New 52

  • A really fresh story, with great art, great characters, and basically just general greatness.

  • One of the best of the New 52

  • An alien story that hasn't been done thousands of times? And which is actually fun to read? Nice!

  • Highly underrated series