If you can fly, you can fly! It has nothing to do with capes! Even a non flying character such as Emma Frost have a cape but do not really fly.

It will be a hustle since a hero flies almost everywhere! It might just be stacked on wires, or any stuff. It will even cause a little reduction in the agility.

A good costume must look comfortable not with an additional burden at your back! If you want a costume! Creativity counts!

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I need a break!

No one becomes intelligent in school without having their meal during recess. It is the same thing in being a hero. The following are the most reasonable reasons for a hero like me to take a break.

1. I need sleep of course! Without it, where will I get my energy?
2. I need to wash my uniform. Who would take a hero seriously if he smells stinky?
3. My alter ego also have to do schooling and performing. I need time to study and practice.
4. My family needs me more than anybody
5. I need to my personal stuff. I would like to draw more and more each day.
6. I need a date with my girl.
7. I need to take a meal!
8. The most important thing!
There are lots of superheroes that even this site cannot approximately count! There are millions, billions and trillions! Why must all depend on me!?

But of course, as a hero, I must do my job whenever I have free time of course with the aforementioned conditions already accomplished!

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