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The Silver Age Marvels Project

My pedestrian attempt to compile a Silver Age Marvel collection through trades and digital downloads. I'm just starting this but from what I've read the general consensus is that the Silver Age ended in 1970 when Kirby left for DC. This is a work in progress. I'm not a writer so forgive my grammar.

List items

  • Marvel's (and comics) first family and the beginning of the Silver Age at Marvel. I guess it ends at 102 when Kirby left.

  • Technically speaking, Hulk was the second hero-proper title and the first solo "hero" of the Silver Age. While Hank Pym's first appearance precedes Bruce Banner by three months, Ant-Man didn't debut as a super hero until a full five months after this title began.

  • Hank Pym debuted in issue 27 but didn't return as a super hero and a regular feature until issue 35. That puts him five months after Hulk and one month after Thor and Spider-Man. His run, which included both Ant-Man and Giant Man and appearances by the Wasp, lasted until issue 69 when Namor took over. Hulk began his co-feature in the book with issue 60 and lasted until issue 101, the last issue of the title. It began with Incredible Hulk 102 with the next issue.

  • Spider-Man needs no introduction, but I'm going to give you one anyway. The final issue of a mostly monster anthology series that began as Amazing Adventures and gave way to Amazing Adult Fantasy, Spidey debuted in the only issue properly titled Amazing Fantasy. Out of all of Marvel's A-listers, only Captain America, the Fantastic Four and Hulk debuted earlier, and Thor debuted the same month.

  • The same month Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, Thor, god of thunder debuted in JiM issue 83. He continued as the headliner until the title changed to The Mighty Thor with issue 126.

  • Spider-Man received his own, just-deserved title in March, 1963. 70 years later, Marvel destroys the character over and over and over.

  • The same month Spider-Man debuted in his own series, Iron Man, the last of Marvel's "big three" made his appearance in ToS 39. He continued as the main feature until issue 59, when he began sharing the title with Captain America. The title ended with issue 99 and Stark received a new #1 issue two months later while Cap kept the numbering of ToS in his own solo title.

  • Avengers marked the first team-up of Iron Man and Thor, along with Hulk, Ant-Man and the Wasp. Steve Rogers, the true Captain America made his Silver Age debut in issue 4.