Top 10 Valiant Characters

Liable to change. Honourable mentions include:

  • Quantum
  • The Goat
  • Obadiah Archer
  • Eternal Warrior

List items

  • He's awesome, he's badass, he's witty, and he wears purple.

  • Interesting character with an even more interesting set of morals. Highly powerful, dangerous, driven and successful, and you can see how he got that way when you read up on his origins. He is a constant presence in the Valiant universe for good, bad or otherwise.

  • Shadowman, or, Jack Boniface, is a guy with a seriously troubled psyche and upbringing, who has had great power and burden foisted on him in the form of an exiled Loa spirit. He's being forced to take on a hereditary responsibility that he can't live up to compared to the great Boniface's who came before him. Yet he still tries to do the right thing despite how f*cked up his situation gets. The scythe is nice, too.

  • Aric of Dacia is a man from a much simpler and more dangerous time. A barbaric Visigoth warlord, Aric and his people fought to protect their Visigoth homeland (modern day Romania) from the ever dominating Roman Empire. That was, until they got abducted by aliens and forced into slavery, Aric was chosen as the host for the universe's most powerful sentient suit of armor, and he spent 1600 years travelling for light years until he reached earth again. Now he's still a barbaric Visigoth warlord, except he's living in 2014, and is potentially the most dangerous man on the planet. Like giving a loaded shotgun to an angry baby.

  • Pretty normal teenager living with abnormal circumstances. He lost the only friend he ever had and now he's unlocked a power within himself which has attracted several unwanted enemies. Despite his many psychological battles he still manages to keep it together for his team and for the greater good.

  • Talking. Monkey.

  • Funniest guy ever with a similar outlook on life to myself. Which is basically, f*ck it, do whatever you want.

  • Wise, but foolish. Perpetually drunk, high or in trouble, and always adventuring. He's got some good poetry too.

  • Valiant's premier super solider badass with a tragic backstory. He's a hero inside the shell of a monster.

  • ..she's hot..

  • ..superficial picks aside, I like Rai for the same reason I like Bloodshot, and he's equally interesting as a character.