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This thread is a supplement for the Ninjak Respect Thread which will outline the full capabilities of characters Ninjak has some relation to. For the moment this mainly includes anyone who has undergone the training of the Undead Monk and the various Ninjas. Enjoy!

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Table of Contents

  1. The Undead Monk
  2. Students of the Undead Monk
  3. The Jonin
  4. The Shadow Seven
  5. Ninja Agents
  6. Ninjas A-K2
  7. Miscellaneous

The Undead Monk

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The Undead Monk telepathically compels people into building a monastery for him, and digging a well with their bare hands.

The Undead Monk communicates with Colin King telepathically.

It is speculated that the reason only a specific type of person (someone who is lost and damaged in some way) can find the Undead Monk’s monastery is because of a psychic cloak he uses to conceal its location. Someone’s feelings and desires determine if they are able to pass through the cloak. However, Fakir, one of the Monk’s former students, claims that there is nothing spiritual about the monastery’s location, but a combination of magnetic pole shifts and leylines are what conceal it. Personally, I believe the two theories posited are both plausible and also not mutually exclusive: the Monk may seek to deter those who he does deem fit for his teachings and coax more worthy candidates into joining him, while at the same time he may have deliberately chosen the most obscured, spiritually significant location on earth for the very reason that it is hard to find.

The Undead Monk supposedly swam the oceans for years before he ended up where he is today, at his monastery in Kathmandu. He was a warrior monk who perfected the art of meditation. He taught his students without speaking a word, but rather by speaking to them telepathically, sometimes through subtle suggestions, other times by giving them fully formed thoughts. His students inexplicably followed his every word, not knowing exactly where their instructions came from, and they lost all sense of time.

The Undead Monk taught Colin King how to feel and heal every nerve ending in his body, even recovering from a shattered spine with nothing more than meditation.

When Neville Alcott stumbled across the Undead Monk, the Monk memory wiped him of many things, including the location of the monastery, him ever finding it, his relationship to his close friend Colin King, his late wife Angelina Alcott, and his reason for ever pursuing the monastery in the first place.

The Undead Monk also memory wiped the entire Shadow Seven, who would not recover their memories until many years later.

The Undead Monk’s mind wiping of Ninjak lasted right up until Ninjak was shown his entire life history on a magic tapestry. The Undead Monk appeared to knock Colin out and erase his memories without any effort.

The Undead Monk is a master of forgotten, dark mystical arts which are rooted in mastering deep meditation. During his tutelage under the Monk, Colin King was able to see visions of “all time that would be and had been.”

As should hopefully be obvious by now, the Undead Monk is immortal… however the extent to which he is immortal has not yet been spelled out. The Undead Monk was killed by Ninjak by being stabbed in the head, yet, many years later when Ninjak was an old man, the Monk’s residual skin cells were gathered up from the ruins of his monastery… and somehow reformed into a remnant of the man himself. Not only that, but these residual skin cells were a potent source of dark magical energy which allowed Dr. Silk to achieve immortality. In other words, every single cell in the Undead Monk’s body was immortal independent of one another or him being alive conventionally.

Now… just to make matters even more bizarre… a Deadside brain parasite was contracted by Ninjak and several other MI6 agents. Not only was this parasite supernatural, but it existed in all of time simultaneously… meaning if present Ninjak had the parasite, so did future Ninjak. It created a wormhole through time. So present Ninjak went into a deep meditation, separated his consciousness from his body, and rode the wormhole into the mind of his future self. His future self then inhabited one of his old memories, which included the Undead Monk. It’s remarked that the Undead Monk is “never really gone”, which seems to be confirmed when Punk Mambo tries to destroy the psychic representation of him. This… representation of the Undead Monk, perhaps his consciousness which can inhabit all of time simultaneously… then seems to boot Punk Mambo out of the memory sequence. Finally, future Ninjak eventually discovers the ingredient needed to vaccinate people against this Deadside parasite… it’s the skin cells of the Undead Monk. This allows present Ninjak to return to his own body and develop the vaccine, saving his life as well as the other MI6 agents.

Undead Monk Students

“He taught us the limits of our minds and bodies without even lifting a finger.”

In addition to extreme physical training the students are taught how to filter out poison. Their final test is a fight to the death with another student. Whoever survives graduates. Students learn how to feel, control and heal every nerve ending in their body, letting them recover from injuries as severe as a shattered spine with nothing more than meditation.

Students of the Undead Monk are taught to feel, control and heal every cell in their body. This means they can also control their muscles and nervous system at a cellular level. It is for this reason that cannot be put down by poison, gas or pressure points, as Ninjak points out when he is fighting Ninja-C, someone with the same training as himself. And this is while bearing in mind that Ninjak is someone who knows where every nerve ending in the human body is, and how to target them. Ninjak, just using some of his basic nerve-striking techniques, literally scared a demon into going back to hell. He has also disabled a man with a tap to his vagus nerve.

The students of the Undead Monk also learn Total Recall... through meditation they make every obscure neuron in their brain into a "well worn pathway", allowing them to instantly access every memory, experience or piece of knowledge from their entire lives.

An example of this playing out is given by Ninjak, who recalls a handful of disparate memories simultaneously in order to construct a gadget and solve a crisis in under a second.

The training techniques of the Undead Monk are superior to anything MI6 alone can offer. When the Jonin stopped teaching MI6’s Ninjas, the quality of the Ninja agents degraded. We know this because Ninjak usurped the current Ninja-K agent, relegating him to a back up, purely because he had the superior training of the Undead Monk – the Undead Monk’s teachings who the Jonin taught to Ninjas D-I.

This is made clear by the fact that Ninjak saw a massive improvement in his inferior, K2, after a short amount of tutoring from the Jonin.

The training techniques of the Undead Monk are far superior to the training given to Dr Silk’s Fitzhugh clones. This is demonstrated by the fact that a single Fitzhugh clone was able to narrowly defeat one of his brothers, but after training under the Undead Monk, he was then able to stomp five of them easily. “My training had surpassed anything they had accumulated.”

Additionally, it is important to note that even though the Fitz clones were masters of every obscure martial discipline (among many other types) on the planet, and even though their physical stats were already at their peak, the Fitz clone still required at least a year of constant meditation and telepathic tutoring from the Undead Monk before he had learned everything from him.

The Undead Monk’s teachings appear as “fully formed” thoughts in the minds of his students.

Also, an Undead Monk student named Xaman somehow developed respiratory systems that did not rely on having a working trachea… and also shows high levels of strength and speed.

The Jonin

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The Jonin taught Ninjas D through I in his techniques. He started around the time World War II came to an end and continued into the 1990s.

The Jonin can teach others how to slow aging and remain in top physical form, even those who were alive during the 1940s.

Thanks to his teachings, Ninja-G appears decades younger than she should, for someone active during the Cold War.

The Jonin appears to be hundreds of years old, and is said to be capable of things unheard of even in legends. He spent decades training to unlock the mysteries of the mind, body and spirit. He also goes unphased after being punched in the gonads and can casually swat someone to the other side of a room.

The Jonin was excommunicated from MI6 after training Ninja-I. After which, they were unable to replicate the martial arts and meditation training the “revered sensei” had been imparting to the Ninjas. Being a contemporary of the Undead Monk (meaning the Jonin has likely been alive for centuries) when he was still alive, the Jonin and Ninjak share very similar training, and it is for this reason that Colin King overthrew the current Ninja-K, relegating him to a backup (K2).

Despite Ninja-K2 becoming much better from being trained by the Jonin, he was still no match for Ninjak. The Jonin himself, on the other hand, was. After being fried with enough electricity to destroy a normal man and being dosed with enough poison to put down a regiment, the Jonin still fought Ninjak to a standstill. Ninjak thought he might be the best martial artist he had ever fought, and thought he would need a combination of nerve gas, explosives and napalm to put him down. In addition to this… the Jonin had no intention of killing Ninjak at this point, so he was holding back.

Self-explanatory strength feat.

It is again noted that he may be centuries old.

Alongside the Dying One, the Jonin seriously injures Ninjak without killing him, in order to extract his blood for a ritual. The Jonin then squares off against the immensely powerful Loa spirit commanded by Punk Mambo. He shows the ability to channel his life force into a weapon to make it stronger, which in this case he does to a sword, making it so strong the aforementioned spirit couldn’t break it. Even when the rest of Ninjak’s team arrives, the Jonin seems ready to take them all on at the same time… it remains to be seen just how powerful this man is.

Shadow Seven

The Shadow Seven handbook entry. “Mystically trained.”

The Shadow Seven are the Undead Monk’s most powerful students, were all “born from magic.”, and given “special gifts, special energies, special knowledge.” All of their energy combined is enough to resurrect Master Darque, the greatest master of dark magic in the world. Some of their gifts are derived directly from Master Darque’s enchantments.


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Roku’s handbook entries. She is one of the most highly trained and lethal martial artists in the world.

Roku feels no pain. Three strands of her hair can garrotte or behead a man. It can also cut through metal and produce fire. She can telepathically compel men to kill themselves, and is not affected by sub-zero temperatures. She is a weapons and martial arts expert, believed to be Ninjak’s equal. The Russians built a mobile prison around her, which she broke out of in two hours.

Roku’s hair has enhanced strength and durability and is hardwired into her brain, giving different hairs different capabilities, including razorsharp cutting strength and fire generation.

Roku cuts through several guards with her hair.

Roku had fully recovered from being poisoned and thrown from a twenty story building in well under 7 minutes. It’s also worth mentioning that Ninjak’s poisons have been described as enough to “put down a regiment” or “put a herd of elephants to sleep”.

Roku was given her powers by an enchanted nail, created by Master Darque. The process killed her and made Roku reborn, seemingly immortal as long as the nail stays in. She can feel and control every cell in her body, and can recover from having her back broken almost instantly. She can also heat her hair up and sense people using individual senses alone, including reading their thoughts, and kill them. This is all shown during her origin story… wherein she was buried alive inside a labyrinth full of demons, which she fought and killed her way out of.

Roku no-sells a direct explosive which smashes her into a wall.

Roku kills more men with her hair, and telepathically dominates their leader, who had incredible mental willpower.

Roku recovers from being shot in the head in seconds, shrugs off being stabbed with a sword, and survives a direct explosion that levels a building. It’s revealed that she cannot die, no matter what, until the nail in her neck is removed.

Roku gives Ninjak the beating of a lifetime, although there are many obvious caveats, such as Ninjak being badly injured, fatigued, sleep deprived, him being ambushed, not wanting to kill Roku and him being without his gear. During the fight she shows off how extremely strong and sharp her hair is, and also breaks Ninjak’s sword with a punch.

Roku kicks down a metal prison wall.

Roku with seeming ease breaks into the most ridiculously secure facility MI6 could build, possibly on earth, not only in terms of physical defences but also against hacking. She side skips laser rooms and walks through fire. She reads the mind of the Zenith-armor guard, finds out about his explosive failsafe, and uses telepathy to keep him alive while rendering him brain dead. She then side skips sentient acid baths and destroys a group of werewolves. She also uses her hair to casually overpower the superhumanly strong Sanguine.

Roku and Ninjak’s final battle. Roku once again puts Ninjak through the ringer, again with some caveats: she was aided by Darque, and Ninjak didn’t want to harm her. But she also shows her superhuman strength and the power and mobility of her hair.


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The Fitzhugh clones were masters of all known martial arts and weapons, in all of history.

The Clones were also trained to physical perfection. The reason we know this is because when a Fitz clone met the Undead Monk, he realised that, physically, the Undead Monk had nothing more to offer him - even though the Undead Monk teaches his students to reach their physical limits, some of them manifesting superhuman traits.

These clones are not only programmed with unparalleled knowledge of martial arts, but they also share each others accumulated memories, knowledge and experience - hundreds of lifetime's worth.

The Rogue Clone

The rogue Fitz clone has all of the accumulated knowledge, expertise and physical capabilities of the other clones. Before escaping he was able to kill a fellow clone. After training under the Undead Monk, he surpassed these clones, and was able to kill five of them easily. He would later fight Ninjak to a standstill, and was able to hold off a tranquilizer for nearly 20 minutes that usually takes effect in 30 seconds.


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Sanguine's Handbook entry. Her extensive body modifications have enhanced her strength, speed and flexibility.

Sanguine went through a dark ritual conducted by Master Darque himself. She augmented herself further with surgery and hormone therapy, which included enhanced strength, speed, flexibility, retractable razor sharp claws, a dislocated jaw with surgically enhanced teeth and re-arranged internal organs. She gave Ninjak a run for his money until he put her to sleep with enough drugs to “put a herd of elephants to sleep.”

La Barbe

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La Barbe is an unparalleled master of technology.

La Barbe's suit prevents him from being detected by any scanning or monitoring device known to man. He is completely insane and is protected by a series of drones that can fire lasers and explosive charges.

La Barbe is the richest man on earth with unparalleled technology at his disposal. He remotely controls drones which fire lasers at his enemies. He was the technological brains behind weaponeer. Using his helmet he could simultaneously hack into every piece of Ninjak’s electronics simultaneously – something nobody else has come close to doing.

La Barbe also has… far more than three drones. He looks like he has something closer to hundreds. Why he chooses to only use 3-6 at a time I am unsure.

La Barbe claims he can make a simple device that can kill with three of “anything”, including his own fingernails, which MI6 removed from him… Roku notes that he was the most intelligent of the Shadow Seven and he is depicted wielding over 10 of his drones.


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Kannon’s handbook entry states he is extremely strong and physically tough. He appears to be the strongest of the Shadow Seven.

Kannon underwent extreme physical challenges to be permitted to train under the Undead Monk, and ended up becoming one of his original students. At some point he received a similar magical enhancement to Roku, indicated by the nail in the back of his head. This means, like Roku, he is likely to be immortal, and can also communicate with her telepathically.

Kannon demonstrates his extreme strength by punching Ninjak through a stone wall and some distance further on. He broke all of Ninjak’s ribs, and Ninjak ended up dealing with him by drowning him and then cutting off his arms and legs.


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Fakir trained with Ninjak for years. He ended up with four extra limbs, which he uses for feats of preternatural theft, as shown when he pickpockets Ninjak of four different gadgets. While he is ultimately outclassed he does give Ninjak a decent fight. Also, the dude airlifted the Undead Monk and his monastery from Kathmandu and kept him in his penthouse as an ornament…

He is also the greatest thief in the world.


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Every Ninja from D-I was taught by the Jonin, and became “human weapons” capable of “defying the laws of nature itself.” In other words, Ninjas D-I (and C by chance) have all of the elite training the students of the Undead Monk have, in addition to world-class training from MI6.

Ninjas are the most highly trained operatives in the world.

With the Jonin’s training, the Ninjas were able to slow the aging process.

All Ninjas are taught to fight blind, and weapons such as drugs, pressure points and gas are ineffective against them.

Ninja-A, B and D

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A brief history of the Ninja program is given by Ninja-D. Ninja-A was “the last practitioner of a lost art”, which I believe could be referring to the Undead Monk’s teachings, but I digress. Ninja-A trained Ninja-B, the latter of which pioneered the use of technology in the Ninja Program. They went from teacher and pupil to peers, and finally enemies as World War II divided them. They died fighting each other when Hiroshima hit.

B had already been training Ninja-C by this point, and had turned him into a fully fledged killer at 14. Ninja D was the first of many to be trained by the Jonin, and thanks to his age slowing techniques he was able to maintain a diet of booze and pills well into his later years…

Ninja A was capable of feats no other man could accomplish at the time, including taking down a Nazi super soldier and sticking a landing from hundreds of feet in the air with a makeshift parachute.


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Ninja-C butchered a retired Ninja-D relatively easily.

D’s security systems rivalled Ninjak’s own, which is why Neville Alcott offers Ninjak protection in the wake of C going on a Ninja murdering spree.

Ninja-C was able to go undetected by any of Ninjak’s sensors, senses or drones as he bombed Ninja-D3’s home.

Ninja-C is able to sneak up on Ninjak, something virtually nobody else should be capable of. He shows that electricity is useless against him as he crushes a shock shuriken in his palm. He shrugs off a strobe light designed to induce seizures and can fight blind. He uses numerous pieces of technology like concealed blades, a smart garrotte and flamethrower.

Ninja-C up to this point in time was the most experienced, precise and ruthless opponent Ninjak had ever fought.

Ninja-C trained with Ninja-B back during World War II, and was made a Ninja agent proper at 14. In present times that puts him in his late 80s. While never trained directly by the Jonin, he did seem to pick up his training techniques as his career advanced. After leaving the program it is heavily suggested that he trained under the Undead Monk himself, to learn the “spiritual underpinnings” of his training.

Shows an explosive device and casually dodges lasers.

C has another close fight with K, where he shows off more gadgets and also inhuman toughness. It is noted that none of Ninjak’s usual tricks, such as drugs, pressure points or gas would be enough to put C down due to him being a fellow Ninja agent. So Ninjak resorts to hitting him with a stealth jet head on… and somehow… C escapes alive, even though Ninjak thought the impact would have shattered every bone in his body.


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Ninja-H had several limbs blown off, and then underwent experimental cybernetic augmentations from MI6. H is a one-man army with superhuman stats, a forcefield and built-in rockets. It required a superhuman H.A.R.D corps unit just to bring him in, using telepathic incapacitation, and it's implied they didn't come out of the fight in one piece.

While fighting Ninjak, H shows off electrical attacks, a laser, enough strength to snap Ninjak’s sword, and immunity to gas. He puts up a worthy fight although it is important to note that Ninjak was not trying to kill him.

Ninja-H is the fastest, strongest and most lethal ninja up to his time.


Ninja-K2 is Ninjak’s backup. He was originally given the Ninja-K position but was overthrown by Ninjak due to being his clear inferior. This is because K2 did not have the Undead Monk’s training, which the Jonin provided to Ninjas D-I.

After being trained in these methods for a short time, however, Ninjak notices a large improvement in K2 when they fight. That said, K2 is still outclassed by Ninjak.


Dying One Possessing Eternal Warrior

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The Dying One gave the Eternal Warrior a solid fight despite his host body being far from peak physical condition.

The Eternal Warrior knows more fighting disciplines and weapons and more about battle tactics than anyone else in the Valiant universe, a warrior of unparalleled skill who has taken part in every war in human history. He has died countless times and risen again.

The Eternal Warrior is extremely strong, with feats such as dragging the massive head of a giant demon for hundreds of yards, punching people through walls and shattering trees.

Most importantly, the Eternal Warrior has the benefit of unparalleled experience. He has learnt from every death in battle, which he has stated is more useful than all of his accumulated knowledge, as it has allowed him to learn from mistakes that have killed everyone else.

When the Dying One possessed the Eternal Warrior, he had his:

  • "Full might"
  • "Muscle memories" or "Muscle memory"
  • "Strength"
  • "All of Gilad's power"
  • "All of Gilad's skill"
  • "All of his ticks", including "involuntary tells" like a slight tremor in his voice when he lies

In other words, Ninjak fought an Eternal Warrior-level opponent who had no qualms about killing him, and despite being ambushed twice, won both fights.

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