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Top 10 Physically Strongest Marvel Heroes on Earth-616

This list is just my opinion but feel free to correct me if you seen fit as I would love to have a more concrete list. Everyone here is easily class 100 and have shown themselves to overcome whole teams (and even each other) in certain situations so the ranking isn't very concrete. This list only exist through certain criteria for said characters:

a. Have to had spend a majority of there careers as heroes

b. Originate or resides on earth the majority of their time.

c. Originate from the 616 continuity

Honorable mentions include Juggernaut, Captain Britain, and members of the Hulk Family.

List items

  • There is no surprise here. Robert Bruce Banner not only has one of the highest base levels of strength in Marvel history but has the most potential for strength on this list. Others may be more powerful but few can say they can beat him in a straight up brawl.

  • Thor's physical strength comes from not only being a son of the King of Asgard but the Elder Goddess Gaea as well. He is 9 times out of 10 holding back but when he cuts loose their is nearly nothing he couldn't do with his strength. He is second to Hulk only because of Hulks potential for strength escalation.

  • Hercules is the strongest Olympian by far, and one of the strongest beings in the world. His strength not only comes from being a son/descendant of Zeus but also from being nursed by the queen of the gods Hera as an infant. Few can overcome the might of the Prince of Power.

  • Most of Sentry's feats are a product of energy manipulation but he seems to be in a similar league as the men on this list. He has stalemated hulk and overpowered the strongest of heroes and villains alike with his might.

  • Even if he doesn't have many showings of late,Simon Williams is easily one of the strongest avengers to date. His strength level has never been denied by others as he has fought or overpowered Thor and groups of Avengers by himself. He is a pretty level headed guy and not in the superhero game as much as the others so the feats don't roll in with him like they use to.

  • Adam Brashear is a new power player but he has shown his raw physical strength in the few comics that he has been in. Moving meteors, ocean liners, and space ships definitely puts him among the elite.

  • The Sub-Mariner is definitely one of the strongest heroes on the planet and would argue that he is the strongest mutant alive. Lifts Titanic-sized ships and massive submarines whenever he feels it's necessary and can duke it out with the best of them and come out on top.

  • His natural mutant abilities affords him strength superior to most mutants and a majority of earth-bound superhumans all together. Even as a teenager he had a high level of strength; now that he is an adult he has earned his place as the residential strong man of the X-Men.

  • Strong guy of Marvel's First Family, Ben Grimm has always been a heavy contender, even though he is very low on the list. His big heart and further mutation has allowed him to solidify his place among the strongest beings on the planet.

  • While admittedly not knowing much about Sasquatch, I know that he/she is the strongest member that Alpha Flight has ever had holds power of the Great Beast Tanaraq.