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Marvels Top 10 Martial Artists of 616's Earth

This is my list of the best, wether they be good or bad, fighters on 616's earth.

No one that is of extraterrestrial origin or spends most of their time in space would be considered for this list. (i.e Mantis, Gamora, Moondragon, etc)

Honorable mentions include:

Batroc the Leper- jobs a lot but is the greatest master of savate the world has every seen.

Hawkeye- Showed he is more than a match for any ninja when he donned his mask as Ronin.

Black Widow- Best Spy in the world and still one of the best fighters.

Finesse - just like her father taskmaster but lacks the experience.

Moon Knight - Think Punisher blessed by Khonshu with Batman Gadgets

Winter Soldier - took the mantle of Captain America for a reason

Karnak- his raw inhuman physicals and learned skill to see weak points would makes him an incredibly powerful fighter,

Probably more mentions as I edit further

List items

  • Considering overall skill and martial arts knowledge, Shang Chi is the best of the earthbound fighters. Heir to Fu Manchu, he was raised since birth to be a weapon. Albeit he isn't used as much as other martial artist, he has earned 1st place of this list.

  • While he can match all the fighters on this list, his power exceeds everyone by a long shot. Training from the legendary Lei Kung and gaining access to the supernatural chi of Shou Lou the Undying gives him an advantage that no other earthbound martial artist can ever have.

  • His training, ingestation of the Heart Shaped Herd, and connection to Bastet the Panther God has allowed him to be more than any man could hope to be. His stats and skill at the very least match (but more than likely exceed) a peak human such as Captain America. His grandfather handily beat Rogers back in WW2 and T'Challa is considered better than any Black Panther that came before him.

  • Steve's training combined with the enhancements of Erksine's formula gives Rogers raw stats that exceeds most of the people on his list and skills that makes him one of the best fighters on the planet.

  • James exceeds anyone here in experience and raw physicals due to his longevity and superhuman attributes; but he only utilizes his skill when he absolutely needs to. Being a samurai, marine, superhero, ( which is to name a few) has given him advantages that no one else here would have. If he trained and fortified his skills he would be a more skilled martial artist than nearly anyone on this list.

  • Skills that he has acquired due to his photographic reflexes have put him among the elite of earths fighters. He has taken pieces of the styles of the greatest martial artists on the planet and made a style he can call his own. However he lacks the physicals, and overall experience to take a solid majority over the people higher up on this list.

  • Probably the most dangerous assassin on the planet, she earns a solid majority over her sometime lover Daredevil and is probably the greatest female fighter to reside on Earth.

  • His enhanced senses, and training in boxing, judo, aikido, and ninjutsu has made him in the top 10 best fighters on the planet.

  • Claims to have masters every martial art on earth, a few extraterrestrial ones, and made some of his own.While he is incredible skilled, a solid majority of his fights come from the fact that he is a low level telepathic mutant that reads his opponents moves. Without the telepathy, he probably wouldn't make it in my top 10.

  • Crossbones is one of the most aggressive and lethal fighters on this list, while he jobs a lot, no one would deny that he is a threat to anyone that crosses his path.