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Hyperion322: Top Ten Superheroines

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  • Donna, or "Troia", quickly became my favorite Amazon when I discovered her in the pages of THE NEW TEEN TITANS. Donna has all the powers and Greek myth ties of Wonder Woman, but is regular chick like you and me.

  • I've been a fan of the Amazing Amazon since I first started reading comics. I think my love of Wonder Woman actually started before that when I saw reruns of the popular TV show early Saturday mornings.

  • She-Hulk is my all time favorite Marvel Comics heroine! Brains, beauty, power, and an unmatchable sense of humor - love it!

  • My favorite Spider-Woman, I grew up with Julia as THE Web-Lady in the '90s and will always have a soft spot for her and her daughter.

  • Ms. Marvel is similar to Power Girl and Donna Troy for the fact that she's an inspirational character who proves that you can through hell after hell and still come out strong. The current MS. MARVEL series is a monthly favorite of mine.

  • This is another comic book character I discovered through reruns on Saturday mornings. I have every issue of the original SPIDER-WOMAN series and can't wait for the new Spider-Woman related title to hit in 2009!

  • A former Wonder Woman and Amazon rogue, Artemis developed into one of DC Comic's greatest and brashest heroines!

  • An underrated heroine from Marvel Comics and my favorite X-Men. I think the concept of having a celebrity entertainer as a super heroine is fantastic!

  • My second favorite X-Man and one of my all-time favorite heroines. Storm's power, grace, and leadership ability make her a stand out character on any comic book list.

  • Power Girl is a well known b!tch, she simply does not care what others think about her. Known for a quick temper almost as much as she is for her killer rack, Power Girl is probably one of the most powerful beings of the DC Universe.