Meta-human Police Force

Protecting and Serving to make sure Meta-humans follow the laws of man.The work with the police forces in every major city in the US called in when there is a metahuman crimewave or need metahumans arrested or for investigations.

List items

  • Leader of the MPF also patrol the streets with his partner Ellis

  • Part Of the Metahuman CSI team perfect in this area because of his tracking skills.Sabretooth has had all memories of his child abuse and wolverine wiped.He is now seeing a shrink to help with his rage issues.

  • Also part of the CSI unit his power to speak to the dead is there most important clue in homicides.

  • Patrols the streets partnered with Judge Dredd

  • Street Patrol unit with Robocop

  • A street patrol officer used to help against higher level metahumans because of his ability to mimic there powers.

  • A very important street patrol unit because of his experience given some tech by cyborg for some better firepower.

  • Has upgraded tech for more speed and flexibility sometime used as a police sniper.


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