Wildchild, Wolverine, and Sabretooth should be equal

It just seems like they are pretty much the same thing with a small diference. Wolverine got better claws and is more skilled.Sabretooth got the size and strength. And Wildchild got the Speed and agililty. Other than that they are pretty much the same and the only reason they realy don't get along should be there feral instinct to prove they are the alpha male.

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Meta Human Police Force

  Protecting and Serving to make sure Meta-humans follow the laws of man.The work with the police forces in every major city in the US called in when there is a metahuman crimewave or need metahumans arrested or for investigations.

1. Savage Dragon

Leader of the MPF also patrol the streets with his partner Ellis

2. Sabretooth

Part Of the Metahuman CSI team perfect in this area because of his tracking skills.Sabretooth has had all memories of his child abuse and wolverine wiped.He is now seeing a shrink to help with his rage issues.

3. Ghoul

Also part of the CSI unit his power to speak to the dead is there most important clue in homicides.

4. Cyborg

Patrols the streets partnered with Judge Dredd

5. Prototype

Street Patrol unit with Robocop

6. Ellis

A street patrol officer used to help against higher level metahumans because of his ability to mimic there powers.

7. Judge Dredd

A very important street patrol unit because of his experience given some tech by cyborg for some better firepower.

8. RoboCop

Has upgraded tech for more speed and flexibility sometime used as a police sniper.