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Name: Hyena

Aliases: The Hunger


Weight: 205lb

Strength Level: 2 tons

Speed Level: Sabretooth

Race: Human (Mutant)

Durability: Normal Human (Heals by consuming matter)

Other Powers: Has Enlarged Canine teeth and can bite threw anything and has similiar powers to Matter Eater Lad, if wounded can eat matter to heal the wounds and if he eats the flesh of a powered individual gains there powers for a time(If eats an entire individual gains their powers permantly), enhanced senses on par with Sabretooth,

Weapons: Karambat styled knives, bladded Kneepads

Armor:Normal cloths usually jeans and a t-shirt

Training: Ex Cage fighter trained in Jujitsu and Mu Thai .

Personality: Hates and wants to kill all Feralsand has an addiction for eating any living matter which he tries to fight and if he goes long enough without has withdraw affects that make him giggle which is how he got his name.