My favorite Marvel Now! series

In order,includes series that were running before and after the relaunch. As you can see, I'm a big X-men fan.

List items

  • Not a lot seemed to like this, but I LOVED it. I love the Hunger Games, Battle Royale, and I think it was a great series, I cannot wait for the spin off.

  • I loved that they went back to the mansion, and it's fun seeing Wolverine in charge of a new batch of mutants.

  • They got rid of all the characters I disliked from the first volume and replaced them with great characters, I grew to love Loki even though he had something up his sleeve the whole time.

  • This series is going strong, it's great seeing the originals back and interacting with their older selves, my favorite encounters are between the icemen. although I am not liking this Jean very much.

  • Even though it's only two issues in, it's been great so far and hopefully this one doesn't go in the dumps.

  • I only read the first three issues but instantly got attached. This is the first I've read any Guardians of the Galaxy series and will definitely look into the past series.

  • Barely started reading this and sort of fell in love with Gambit.

  • I loved Jubilee with a baby, and love the all female cast.

  • I love this because of the new mutants popping up and they're great. The older x-men, cyclops, emma, and magneto have had their characters destroyed.

  • Surprising to see Colossus running with this bunch, but have only read the first 5 issues.