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Do we live in a Multiverse?

The multiverse is often mentioned in numerous comic books and films alike. The theory is that we ourselves live in one reality or position in the multiverse and that there is an infinite amount of other universes with different outcomes. For example on our earth we have a moon however on another earth there may be no moon to put it simply. But what if this idea is just a comic book fantasy but rather a full proof theory?

I've always been a firm believer in the aspect of the multiverse. Call me insane but I feel that there are many different realities all mimicking each other but with slightly altered changes that could have much larger effects on their respective reality. I myself believe this due to dreams. HA dreams you say? Yes dreams. This is where people may start to turn off and call me a fantasist. However I have a lot of dreams and nightmares especially for my age (over 20). Now many if not most of my dreams are purely unintelligible however the odd dream or nightmare feels so real but with slightly different outcomes. The world I might be in feels almost familiar but I might have a different job or might live in a different town.

Now of course this is by no means concrete evidence so don't take me for a specialist in the matter however I'm not the only one who believes this. Studying philosophy during my higher education I found that there are many different perspectives on how the multiverse could in fact be a realistic idea. Even Stephen Hawking himself commented on how the multiverse my be a liable theory.

Unfortunately there is, as I said previously, not enough concrete evidence to support the theory but it is something that can be debated and looked into further. Let me know what you think of the theory. And again like I said I am no specialist in the subject but it is fascinating to hear other peoples idea on the matter.