Marvel Characters list

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  • My all time favorite.

    i hate how they have made this stupid elaborate storyline . it ruined the original hulk.. the one that has a big heart :(

  • The old and new wolverine. the wolverine that we all know and love

  • He is awesome

  • It pisses me off they made him die in the movies, he was one of my favorite x men.

  • I love him, in the original thing vs hulk comics are amazing, i remember how he kept getting up.

    he was also amazing in the movies.

  • I love spider man very much. he fought alot of amazing characters. dc marvel capcom

  • How the hell they turned general ross into rulk is fucking gay. but he is awsome, i like how hulk kills him though. :)

  • One of my favorite x men also.

  • i remember in the comics when hulk and beast hit it off, hulk beat the living shit out of him, BUT he is one of the worlds renowned scientists.

  • My favorite super villain

  • He died in the movies. :\ im not sure if he died in the comics, but i love his intellect

  • he defeated not only spiderman, wolverine, and venom, but he almost defeated steel arrow and captain america.

    i think dc should put superman up against him :)

  • he almost got spiderman in the movies.

  • A powerful foe when hulk fought the averngers and him.

  • fought alongside captain marvel

  • she was a bitch in the x men movie, but in the comics, she pwns

  • almost as awsome as spiderman

  • He saved hulk from himself. when he opened up the portal. :) i love him.

  • He was so nice to hulk, and he is also a very talented character that fought for good, despite his obvious problem .

  • I liked when he tried to help hulk. i also like how he is so nice to everyone (usually)

  • Dont piss him off. :\

  • he is fearless. i love him.

  • he was one of my favorites in the game ultimate avengers 2 :D.

    havent read any of his comics :(