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TV Shows Based on DC Comics

Here's a list of all the major TV Shows based on DC Comics.

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  • This series follows the adventures of Oliver Queen a spoilt billionaire turned into a crime fighting vigilante - Green Arrow. He partners up with John Diggle, Felicity Smoak while many DC Characters such as Black Canary, Arsenal, Mr.Terrific and ATOM aide him time and again. This show is part of the Arrow-verse

  • A show set in Arrow-verse, Barry Allen, a CSI gains superpowers when struck by a lightning. He trains under Oliver Queen to be a Superhero. He partners up with Vibe and occasionally Firestorm to fight the metahumans that invade the central city.

  • Set in Arrow-verse, Rip Hunter a time master from the future, recruits a bunch of heroes/Villains to stop the destruction of the world 150 yrs down the line.

  • Set in a parallel earth of Arrow-verse, this story is based on the Kryptonian Alien Kara Zor-El (Kara Danvers) as she fights aliens using her superpowers.

  • Indirectly a part of the Arrow-verse, This show was about the Magician John Constantine and his attempts to keep supernatural beings from taking over the earth. He makes an appearance in the fourth Season of Arrow

  • The animated show set in Arrow-verse follows a young Lady Mari McCabe and her magical power to harness the power of Animals

  • This story is based on a young Clark Kent as he discovers his abilities and meets up with the other DC Characters till he finally grows to be the Superman

  • A single Season show featuring Huntress, Barbara Gordon and Black Canary

  • The story is set in a past timeline where Bruce Wayne is a child. He teams up with Jim Gordon and Selina Kyle to take down the gangs of the Gotham. All the Batman villains are represented as a younger version of themselves.

  • Based on the Comic Book of the same name, this story is about Liv Moore, an intern who was bitten by a Zombie in a wild party and turned into a zombie. she works in a morgue where she gets her supply of brains.

  • Lucifer Morningstar, the lord of Hell gets bored of his life, abandons it and goes to Los Angeles to help the LAPD