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Probably the best marvel movie today!!! 1

Summary:  The X-men are in turmoil when there many members are separated from one another due to the fact that a new enemy emerges from the hate that has been pushing mutants down for so long. Due to this new enemy the X-men are forced to team up with magneto and his allies in order to stop the new threat. However, along the way many of the heroes must face their own difficult journey in order to succeed.  The Good:  Practically, almost of the entire film is very well made and also very entertai...

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Review: Wolverine #4 0

Story  Wolverine is still fighting the sins of his past while clinging to the hope that he will eventually be free from his punishment and seek those who put him there in the first and also going against the Red Dragon. Also the Demonic Wolverine is still killing the people Wolverine loves, but this time it is against the X-men.   Good   The art as usual is very good and detailed. Jaime McKelvie's art is very dynamic yet very gritty. He is good at showing movement and facial expressions which ma...

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Down memory an unforeseen one. 0

I really loved this issue of the Sandman. Like the other issues of the Sandman, they put Dream in a different light. In this issue many characters that Dream has met over the billions of years come together in the Dreaming to talk about their past experience with the Dream Lord. I found this interesting because many of these people had their own experiences that made Dream different and yet the same. One such example was Thessaly, who told a story about her love life with Dream and how first the...

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Seriously...when I first found out that Heath Ledger was to portray the Joker I thought it was the worst idea ever in casting history..however, when I saw the first pick of him in that strange yet menacing make up I knew ho would be amazing in it. However, all the actors did a great job as well. Christian Bale's Batman has proven to be the most grounded and realistic portrayal of a superhero of any kind. You get to see him conflict between his life as Bruce Wayne and as Batman and how it affects...

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