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Samus Aran vs. Iron Man

Samus Aran has all the power ups from Metroid Prime 3
Iron Man has the Bleeding Edge Armor and able to call other Armors to help him in the fight
Who will win???


Apocalypse vs Darkseid

Battle takes place in a women's bathroom
Apocalypse has Hope as a body with the Phoenix Force
Darkseid still has the omega beam and the female furies
Who will win???


Batman 3 Villain Curiosity!

Should Catwoman be portrayed as a powerful business type rather than the cat wearing antihero?
Should the Riddler be a man going into insanity with riddles and clues and shutting himself out from society rather than turning into Jim Carrey with all the question marks on his clothes?
What do you guys think???


Need Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

" One team, 4 geniuses, and a buggy cyborg Norseman. Your tax dollars at work."
So far I got Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, and Ragnarok...
Any suggestions???


Has anyone noticed???

that Chris Hemsworth also played Kirk's dad in the latest Star Trek film and Chris's captain in the beginning of the film play the evil terrorist in Iron Man???
for some reason that makes me laugh like a bitch from Wisconsin!!!!!!!