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Everything here practically oneshots ichigo. One could speculate he could tank gloxinas spear, but other than that hell no.

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@arkhamasylum3: whenever or whatever you reply is totally irrelevant to me, you wanted my attention by clearly tagging me first and are now attempting to continue the conversation on your own accord to make it seem like you're doing anything worth while. Laughable.

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@arkhamasylum3 said:


Given your severe lack of cognitive function I'm not sure if you truly grasp what this implies. Vapaad is entirely dependent on the inner darkness of its user and thus if the users inner darkness is substantially increased then their power is also increased. If this increase in inner darkness is circumstantial then no Mace cannot replicate his performance against Sidious without said circumstances. It's not that hard of a concept to grasp.

It takes a paragraph to define 'bloodlusted'? So in other words if Mace means nothing but the absolute worst for his opponent and is throwing his full rage at them we have the same effect? So that's as much of a summarization you can provide for something so fundamentally simple?

Your own cognitive dissonance as well as limited vocabulary are to blame for something so kindergartenish.

Painfully ironic.

Very much so as your first response outlines that to a Baffling degree.

"Verbally trashing" is completely different from you not raising a single credible point and running away.

I got my point across, several people in the thread agreed Yoda stomped effortlessly, I provided the sources. There is nothing left on my end to accomplish, whatever you're clearly incapable of digesting beyond that point is your own problem and doesn't concern me.

As for my responses I can respond whenever I want. I'm incredibly lazy when it comes down to this stuff hence your month wait for a reply.

Hence why you weren't worth responding to, I could care less if you're lazy the quality of the argument is as garbage as the debater spinning it therefore it was ignored.

>Tired at the end of the duel.

>No effort.

Hm.....lets see, the Jr Novel Agrees:

Plans of conquest, Yoda thought sadly. But a Jedi seeks not power. Truly, Dooku had left the path of the Jedi Order. He felt Dooku gathering power, and he bowed his head in shock and sorrow as he sensed the true source of the Count’s increased ability. An instant later, Dooku raised his hands and sent a stream of deadly Force lightning toward him.

Yoda blocked the lightning automatically, grieved by this final evidence of Dooku’s change in allegiance. Only those who turned to the dark side of the Force misused their abilities so. This he had feared ever since Count Dooku left the Jedi Order, but only now was he certain. His old student had not just left the path of the Jedi; he had betrayed everything he had once stood for. He had joined the dark side. “Much to learn you still have,” Yoda told him.

A startled expression crossed Dooku’s face at the utter failure of his attack. Then his eyes narrowed. He lowered his hands and replied, “It is obvious that this contest will not be decided by our knowledge of the Force, but by our skills with the lightsaber.” As he spoke, he reignited his weapon and whirled it in the formal salute that Yoda remembered teaching him some fifty years before.

Yoda drew his lightsaber and answered the salute. In contests, he had no interest, but in stopping Count Dooku, he had a great deal of interest indeed. And Dooku had left him no other choice.

Count Dooku charged forward. Yoda sighed. Nothing has he learned. Nothing has he remembered. He closed his eyes, bowed his head, and felt the Force that bound all things, even himself and the Count. His lightsaber moved effortlessly, flowing with the Force to find the balance point between them and block Dooku’s every stroke. He did not even have to step back.

The Count’s attack grew more desperate, to no avail. Breathing hard, he backed away, but Yoda did not pursue him. To stop Dooku was all that was necessary, and he could not pass Yoda to reach his Solar Sailer.

The Count slowed once more, then stopped, his blade braced against Yoda’s. Yoda could feel him drawing on the dark side in an attempt to press Yoda’s weapon back, but the dark side was only an easier path, not a stronger one. Backed by the full power of the true Force, Yoda’s lightsaber was unmovable.

“Fought well, you have, my old Padawan,” Yoda said gently, giving him the truth, though he knew that the Count would not want to hear it. Count Dooku had never been happy to merely fight well; the best he must be, always. But not this time.

What else needs to be outlined to prove it was effortless? The script explains Dooku being embarrassed in an even more effortless and comical manor:

OBI-WAN uses the Force to catch his lightsaber and he tosses it to ANAKIN. With TWO LIGHTSABERS, ANAKIN attacks. COUNT DOOKU parries and ripostes. It is no contest. ANAKIN is driven back against the wall. He loses one lightsaber. Finally COUNT DOOKU, in one flashing move, sends Anakin's arm, cut at the elbow, flying still gripping his lightsaber. ANAKIN drops to the ground in agony. COUNT DOOKU draws himself up to deliver the coup de grace. Suddenly, the great doors slide open. The DROIDS turn fast, raising their weapons. Through the thick smoke, emerges the heroic figure of YODA. He stops on the smoke-filled threshold, FOUR DROIDS lined up on either side of him, guns pointed. Before the DROIDS can get off a shot, YODA raises his hand, and the DROIDS are flung against the far walls and crash to the floor in heaps of smoking metal. Silence. COUNT DOOKU steps away from ANAKIN to face the Jedi Grand Master. His lightsaber whirls in a formal salute.

COUNT DOOKU Master Yoda. At last we shall know who is the most powerful. YODA draws a miniature lightsaber out of his cane. He salutes formally.

YODA Count Dooku. No interest in contests, do I have.

COUNT DOOKU charges across the space at YODA. He rains down blows upon the tiny figure. YODA doesn't budge an inch. For the first part of the contest, he parries every cut and thrust that Dooku aims. Nothing the great swordsman tries gets through. His energy drains. His strokes become feebler, slower. YODA attacks! He flies forward. COUNT DOOKU is forced to retreat. Wprds are insufficient to describe the range and skill of Yoda's speed and swordplay. His lightsaber his a humming blur of light. Count Dooku's lightsaber is sent cartwheeling from his hand. He staggers back, gasping and spent, against the control panel. YODA jumps onto DOOKU'S shoulders, and is about to drive the lightsaber into the top of the Count's head.

Then of course the friggin comic:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

The only source that depicts Dooku doing anything worthwhile is the Novel and even then it's pretty evident Yoda isn't trying to the best of his ability:

Dooku gave a little growl and thrust forth his hand, loosing a line of blue lightning at the diminutive Master.

Yoda caught it in his own hand and turned it aside, but far from easily.

"Powerful you have become, Dooku," Yoda admitted, and the Count grinned-but Yoda promptly took that grin away by adding, "The dark side I sense in you."

"I have become more powerful than any Jedi," Dooku countered. "Even you, my old Master!"

More lightning poured forth from Dooku's hand, but Yoda continued to catch it and turn it, and seemed to become even more settled in his defensive posture.

"Much to learn you still have," Yoda remarked.

Dooku disengaged the futile lightning assault. "It is obvious this contest will not be decided by our knowledge of the Force, but by our skills with a lightsaber."

Yoda reverently drew out his lightsaber, its green blade humming to life.

Dooku gave a crisp salute, igniting his own red blade, but then, formalities over, he leapt at Yoda, a sudden and devastating thrust.

But one that never got close to hitting. With hardly a movement, Yoda turned the blade aside.

Dooku went into a wild flurry then, the likes of which he had not shown against Obi-Wan or Anakin, raining blows at the diminutive Master. But Yoda didn't even seem to move. He didn't step back or to the side, yet his subtle dodges and precision parries kept Dooku's blade slashing and stabbing harmlessly wide.

It went on and on for many moments, but eventually Dooku's flurry began to slow, and the Count, recognizing the Futility of this attempt to overwhelm, stepped back fast.

Not fast enough.

With a sudden burst of sheer power, Master Yoda flew forward, his blade working so mightily that its residual glow outshone even those of both of Anakin's lightsabers when he was at the peak of his dance. Dooku held strong, though, his red blade parrying brilliantly, each block backed by the power of the Force, or else Yoda's strikes would have driven right through.

So we've got in total a whopping 3 sources describing Yoda effortlessly dominating Dooku and your only retort is 'brilliantly parrying' as if it somehow matters.

Now let's address Vjun, where You conveniently leave out the fact Yoda shat on Dooku on DR once he finally let ago of his attachment and started trying:

Yoda dropped and rolled to the side, his lightsaber blazing, reaching for Dooku's ankles. Dooku leapt up and flipped backwards landing lightly to face Yoda squarely. On his feet again, Yoda whirled and struck at Dooku, his green blade meeting Dooku's and pushing him back. Dooku attacked with reckless abandon fueled with hatred. Their blades hummed together, hissing and sparking. Dooku brought his blade down toward the diminutive Jedi Master and Yoda parried, locking his blade against Dooku's. Yoda breathed, calming himself.

"And yet, even here on Vjun, where the dark side whispers and whispers to me... love you enough to destroy you I do."

Pushing Dooku back yet again, blades flashed and flared stutters of light, blood red and sea green. Sweat ran in streams through Dooku's beard as he countered Yoda's every move, and his lips were white. Holobattles raged around them as the consoles showed Obi-Wan and Anakin clashing with wave after wave of battle droids. Dooku shot a quick glance at the red button on his desk and, with a Force push, he punched it in. Yoda cocked his head.

"A choice made, have you, Count?"

"I notice I am no longer your apprentice," Dooku said between breaths. "There was always a chance you could overpower me, of course."

Yoda attacked: Dooku parried.

"So I put a missile in high orbit, slaved to this location. It's falling now. Gathering speed."

Dooku stepped warily back to the open window casement.

"Can you feel it dropping? A thorn, a needle, an arrow. Faster all the time." He paused to get his breath. "Obi-Wan and your precious Skywalker and your little Padawans will be wiped out when the missile hits. So what you need to decide is, what means more to you, Master Yoda? Saving their lives-or taking mine?"

And with that he leapt backward, out the window. Yoda bounded after him. In the dark Vjun air it was all he could do not to leap after Dooku, to fall on him like a green thunderbolt and annihilate him utterly.... But already he could feel the missile, too, dropping in a red scream through the atmosphere, two hundred armored kilos of explosive aimed for Chateau Malreaux.

So where is this a good showing for Dooku despite every fight ending in him running?

Which as I pointed out to you in a previous thread factually never happened. The movies are the highest level of canon and this never happens in them so the sources which depict Yoda stonewalling Dooku are rendered N-Canon.

A faulty semantical argument exhibiting more of the previously mentioned cognitive dissonance. Mention Canon-legends showings yet disregard them when it backfires on your poorly constructed argument; laughable.

Meanwhile we have a tired Dooku holding his own against Yoda who was going on the offensive.

No we have a disappointed, casual, unaggressive Yoda who blantanty states he's not looking for confrontation, dominating a completely inferior opponent while all his attacks to stop it are stated futile.

1. I've never argued Maul and Savage contended with Sidious. You're probably thinking of someone else.

I'm not; and if I am he just so happens to be equally inept at debating like you are.

2. Galen did contend with Sidious. Per the novel Sidious was desperate.

Sidious was toying with him:

No Caption Provided

3. Lmao. The implication in Yoda: Dark Rendevous is that Dooku is stronger yet you say it's blatantly implicated that Dooku isn't on Mace's level. You're either borderline retarded or in serious denile.

Flagged. Not only is that statement a suggestive comparrison but it is rendered null and void by simple in-canon comparison. Dooku got wax'd with minimum difficulty in a game of sabers, it is affirmed consistently that Mace's bladeskill is second only to Yodas. A statement that outnumbers the one speaking on a pre-prime Mace.

All addressed. And no the fact is Dooku parrying Yoda's blows brilliantly is distinctly different from fodder parrying blows from other fodder brilliantly.

No It's not as it's simply a hyped descriptive statement that has no meaning to the actual context or outcome of the fight. To hinge your entire argument on one debatable praise compared to the rest of the fight is in itself satirical

Also you ignored the part where I pointed out the fact that the text notes Dooku "held strong" and to that I say concession accepted.

How when he needed a ploy to desperately get away, as stated? It's common for me to ignore the clearly incorrect fan banter that displays a clear comprehension issue.

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So stating you blatantly agree with someone is 'trashing' them? Please find someone else patient enough to deal with that level of competence.

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@limitlesssigil: Yep, I'm insulting your debating skill on an internet forum, so bad...... I'm definitely gonna keep going just to let you know about it.

Also this condescending nature is natural talent, some just possess the inane ability to overwhelm guys like you with mere words. Sadly I have it, didn't practice it, it just happened.

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@limitlesssigil: oh no....I told you your debating skill resembles that of a sputtering garbage disposal, im such a bad man. I'd flag me to if there was actually an individual opinion on these boards I cared about. Keep letting me know how important I am to you fanboy.

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@hope_w said:

@silentnightz: no, this unintelligent drivel of a response to actual feats is what's wrong with bleach and why only two of its many 'debaters' on this website aren't looked upon as genuine clowns, much like yourself.

That's the first time you've ever said something nice to me...

You're trash at debating, don't ever assume I'm praising you when you lack even the smallest of technical ability for anything revolved around written conversation.

AlextheBoss and HTA are much more worthy adversaries, You're the bottom, bottom of the barrell.

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@jacensolo77: flagged. Also If you were able to read you'd see why nobody should waste time with someone as genuinely dim as you.

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@arkhamasylum3 said:

1. Mace's inner darkness was increased massively before his fight with Palpatine therefore making him stronger than usual.

Which means a whopping 0 if Mace is determined to go for the kill anyways.

2. Yoda never embarrassed Dooku as we've discussed before (you ran away with your tail between your legs). In AOTC Dooku "held strong" and was noted to be "parrying brilliantly" and this was while he was tired from his previous duel. Then when he fought Yoda on Vjun he gave Yoda a good fight with the latter slowly pushing him back and being very nearly killed several times.

Firstly don't ever lie on me, I haven't ever 'discussed' anything with a terribly misinformed, walking garbage disposal such as yourself and I probably never will on the account that your thought process is far below my patience level. What you're referring to is me verbally handling you and trashsolo77 only for you to reply nearly a month later as if you're someone actually worth responding to, in which case you were ignored.

However seeing 3 things factually happened:

  • Yoda exerting little to no effort
  • Dooku unable to make Yoda move a single step
  • And Yoda ending the duel on his own accord casually

You can think whatever you want happened seeing as you're the same guy who thinks Maul/Savage actually contended with Sheev, starkiller actually competed with Sidious, and that Dooku is even on Mace's level as of RoTS despite it being blatantly implicated as to otherwise.

Fodder has 'parried brilliantly' what sort of semantical drivel is that in response to Yoda's in all cases irrefutable casual advantage during the duel?

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@silentnightz: no, this unintelligent drivel of a response to actual feats is what's wrong with bleach and why only two of its many 'debaters' on this website aren't looked upon as genuine clowns, much like yourself.