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Video game Naruto is too Hax'd he's oneshot with a space/Time Rasenshuriken

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You literally have no actual way of measuring that at all. This point it completely invalid.

I do. Naruto has exhibited far better energy output than Clark has, Naruto passively existing causes planetary shockwaves, has fought leaps and bounds far more skilled opponents, is tactically superior in every regard, has precog that has a range of countries away, and indisputably superior combat speed.

You clearly do not read DC comics if you believe this to be the case.

I'm positively certain I know more about every character named here than you do and would gladly CaV you on the topic of Naruto/Diana vs Superman/Supergirl just to verbally embarrass you.

Can Naruto type a quintillion lines of code in the time frame of a blink like Supergirl can?

Wow....youre really repeating yourself word for word.....what does this do for her in a combat situation and when has she ever applied this speed to combat?

Can Naruto repair the entire moon on a few seconds like Superman can?

Yea, I can name plenty of others that could fly around the moon in an unspecified timeframe along with fly around the surface Area of the moon an unspecified amount of times. Let's just say a dozen times in a few seconds....not even LS, your point?

Can Naruto count attoseconds like Superman can?

Nah, but I don't see the relevance as superman hasn't to my knowledge unless you're now scaling with statements which is in all cases Lolworthy.

Got any Attosecond combat speed feats to top this off aswell?

Can Naruto blitz the afformentioned opponents briefly with their feats considered or block FTL Omega Beams like Wonder Woman can ?

I guess the multiple of instances of characters ranging from Zatana to Arthur (In the same issue) also reacting to OB simply don't count. I guess we'll just say theyre always FTL cos' why not it's DS.

However yea....Narutos blitzed Nanosecond timers who have actual skill to counterblitz. Diana certainly can't blitz Naruto.... so again that point is moot.

If the answer is yes to any of these, please provide a scan, I'd like to examine it. If the answer is no, Naruto loses.

I've asked you over several times to provide feats, to the point where you simply gave up on the previous argument in the thread. I'm not the one who needs to prove their claims, however when I do take the time to grab scans rest assured the discussion is going to end on my note.

I'm feeling trolled myself right now.

I'd feel that way as well if I knew I was wrong like you know you are.

Hard pass. Unless Naruto is strong enough to throw a planet or catch photons, that is a massacre in WW's favor.

Implying you need to 'throw a planet' to beat Post Crisis wonderwoman is astoundingly ignorant and just an utterly jaw dropping train of thought. I'm willing to CaV it tho.


Yea, Naruto eclipses n52 Diana in every category. I let you have your fun, respond at your own risk.

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Saying anyone wins here based off a character statement is about as unintelligent as not realizing the Genjutsu has to be activated to be used but neither one of those things are any of my business

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@dimlylitlantern said:

@hope_w: How powerful do you think Naruto is? Superman and Supergirl would effortlessly stomp him even in his most powerful forms. Naruto isn't over 1 million times FTL like the other two are in both PC and New 52. New 52 WW beats him while PC WW slaughters.

  1. Naruto has much more Chakra than Clark and Kara (combined) does Solar radiation, much more versatility, much more skill, much more (and better) Combat feats and attacks he otherwise has no answer to.
  2. You cannot win this debate attempting to compare Diana to Superman because firstly she has much better Combat speed, much better Combat feats period, is laughably more skilled, and presents a ton of matchup problems with her gear. A morals off Diana would embarrass superman just as easily as Naruto could.
  3. Travel speed is cool and all, but since Clark can't go those speeds on the surface of a planet it's practically useless in any scenario Naruto would be fighting him.
  4. New 52 Diana debatably can't even tag Naruto, let alone beat him in any category. He'd troll her with Sexy Jutsu.
  5. PC Diana vs Naruto is a much more well suited battle, however she simply lacks answers to his comparable combat speed, skill, and precog advantage along with an array of AoE Rasenshuriken.

In conclusion, scaling from supergirl nor superman is going to help you here. N52 Diana is near fodder for a serious Naruto.

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With those tits she gets slayed by the mighty serpent orochimaru.

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So bending In defense is impressive....and the water spout makes her better than aang? Aang busted a meteor 3-5x larger than appa with an airbending kick.....and can defend against elite benders like Toph and azula.....and even can use his lesser elements against an amped Ozai. He should take this without too much trouble.

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Not seeing how being compared to Superman or supergirl helps the argument whatsoever when Diana has a better chance than both of them against Naruto.

New52 = Naruto no diff 10/10.

PC = Naruto 7/10, medium difficulty.

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Just admit that the verse has no resistance to hax. It’s that simple.

In other words a spirit bomb from Goku, Minority World from Midora, and Flashes speed force all get negated cos' 'Hax' I guess by the same Logic Mel can FC parallax Hal Jordan because he can't resist it.

This website is home to the most canercous thought processes known to mankind.

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@mrviking said:

@hope_w: Even if we assuming that the anti thesis can negate only reatsu based abilitys , he doesnt need to negate their ability , he can absorb them . Or just seal them . And he still have the almighty , thats can choose and change a future . Ywach with the sterrn ritters abilitys , is the hax itself xd

  1. Ywach nor anyone in the verse for that matter has negated/absorbed/ or sealed any attack of the level Naruto can casually output. That is a textbook NLF.
  2. Several people have the Rinnegan which defies Space/Time passively, Ywach cannot effect something outside of Space/Time therefore a teleblitzes, limbo, and/or Kaguyas Spacial warping all oneshot Ywach.
  3. None of the sternritters can hurt Madara or Kaguya and the only ability that doesnt resemble an NLF is x/y Axis which can be aimdodge and flat out ignored by Kaguya whose main ability is to step out of reality basically.

Lastly, once again Sasuke solos the verse. Stronger, faster, more quantifiable hax, smarter, and otherwise more Versatile than anyone in the verse. You're dismissed.

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  • Every feat Onoki has accomplished is 40 years past his prime, not only is it directly stated that Onoki is the greatest Tsuchikage but every bit of Naruto Lore imaginable depicts Onoki as superior. Feats, statements, character statements, Databook, etc.
  • The ONLY Kage stronger than him during his reign of Tsuchikage was Hashirama, in the Anime Onoki was stated to have solo'd an entire country.
  • Onoki learned everything from Muu and outlived him by twice his lifespan. Meanwhile he's evolved Both Jinton and weight manipulation far beyond what his has shown.
  • Onoki knows about everything he can do both strengths and weaknesses and his sensing as well as Gaaras desert wide AoE negates camo.
  • Several clones of Onoki is far more threatening than anything else in this gauntlet. Including KCM Naruto and Bee and most certainly Muu.

They could easily force him to split and then he wouldn't be able to use Jinton anymore. Not to mention Through Madara scaling Onoki is unquestionably the superior.