Canon Casualties

Just to keep check which of my Gothic City characters and npcs are still alive after the bombardment of the city. Maybe I or someone else could use them in the future.

Jetstream: A man with flying powers who uses jet rockets for faster propulsion. Killed by the impact. Death confirmed.

The Enigma: A gangster boss who can mesmerize people through riddles, they can’t do anything till they solved it. He survived the impact moderately wounded and managed to flee out of the destroyed city but was killed by one of his own men who used the possibility to seize control of the traumatized crime cartel. Death confirmed.

The Kidder: A female gangster boss with cartoon powers. Her powers made it easy to survive the attack but the experience drove her completely mad. She is now more dangerous than ever having not only lost everything she had worked years for but also her sanity.

Fire Demon: A satanistic thug with formerly medium-level pyrokinesis, it is unclear if he is really a half-demon like he states. When the missile hit, something strange happened. His mortal shell was burned away and he ascended to true demonhood and decided to stay on this plane of existence. His powers have multiplied by the factor 50. A cult of desperate survivors worships him like a god now.

Human Monolith: The soul of a metal worker that got trapped in a living statue of brass with superhuman strength and durability during a scientific accident. Killed during Bedlam Breakout. Death confirmed.

The Commander: A peak human ex-soldier with mind controlling abilities. Killed during Bedlam Breakout. Death confirmed.

Astral Claw: A man whose hands, and only those, can become intangible. Killed by the impact. Ironically his hands rematerialized after he died. Death confirmed.

Mantis: A professional killer with mastery of several martial arts, he is known to wound even otherwise invulnerable foes with chi-strikes. On an out of town assignment during the impact.

Poisoned Needle: A former tailor who got robbed and turned to revenge after that, when he was done he could not stop killing anymore, uses poisoned weapons of his trade like needles, scissors, etc. Killed by the impact. He was buried in his own former business. Death confirmed.

Actor: An actor who found out he was descended from a race of shapeshifters, uses his power to impersonate others but has an evil narcissistic nature paired with a bad temper that occasionally drives him to kill without remorse. Killed by the impact. His image was burned into the wall of his hideout, at least he wore his own face. Death confirmed.

VeraXXX: Former prostitute with multiple disorders, also several bionic implants like claw-like fingernails and the like. Killed by the impact. A former client keeps her enhanced skeleton in a glass casket. Death confirmed.

Emperor Processor: Cybercriminal able to merge his minds with computers. Killed during Bedlam Breakout. Death confirmed.

Robokill: Deadly cyborg with implanted weaponry though nothing as fancy of plasma guns, more like machine pistols. Killed by the impact. Parts of him can still be found all over the city. Death confirmed.

Dementor: Can temporarily “eat” the IQ of others over telepathic contact to become smarter. Said to be killed by the impact. Death not confirmed.

Monochrome: Unsuccessful artist who turned to crime, acquired superpowers in an accident that let his opponent see only one color. Killed by the impact. He was doing a life painting-stream when the projectile hit. Death confirmed.

Professor Superior: University dropout with the uncanny skill to develop schemes and devices that, literally, blow up in his face, father of Graviteen. Nobody knows how he did it, but he managed to survive unharmed. Nothing else is known of him at the time.

Dire Frost: An emotionless woman with nearly uncontrollable cryokinesis, everything around her freezes in seconds. Killed by the impact. She managed to withstand the heat of the impact for nearly 30 seconds before she was vaporized when she was unlucky enough to be directly hit by the projectile. Hacked satellite videos of her epic fight for survival circulate all over the internet. Death confirmed.

Fatal Rose: Basically Gothic City’s Poison Ivy. Killed by the impact. She burned in/with the Gothic City park. Death confirmed.

Killizard: An uncontrollable, man-eating, purely instinct-driven lizard-beast with the ability to mimic every characteristic of any reptile. Said to be killed by the impact. Buried and probably crushed when the sewers of Gothic City came down on him but his regenerative abilities might have saved him. Death not confirmed.

Atomic Sun: A maniac with atomic powers, currently in artificial coma. Still in custody of Maverick6 after Bedlam Breakout.

Nightmare: When his physical form is asleep his astral self can control the body of any sleeping person and even keep them from waking up, better not speak of the things he can do in the dream realm. Killed by the impact. Rumors claim that his astral self still roams the dream realm. Death (kind of) confirmed.

Graviteen: A teenage girl with tactile gravitokinesis and a preference of theft over murder. Daughter of Professor Superior. Killed by the impact. She died unaware of the situation while watching DVD with a few friends at home. Death confirmed.

Despair: Homeless girl with the ability to take on several spider-related forms living on the Gothic city streets. Had the luck of being in her spider-colony-form when the projectile hit. All spiders but one were annihilated. Currently works on recreating herself from that single arachnid.