green lantern trailer ( im allittle disappointed )

  here it is

  I'm kind of disappointed of this trailer for several reasons.
it seems he has to beg for help to save his planet.
not to mention senestro doesn't sound like at all i would suspect him to
I had to go back to the 4:00 min trailer to get hope about the movie

what are your thoughts.

My new character

name: castial "Hiro"

race : Titan/Kryptonian


weapon: Helios Shield(made out of nth/vibranium that has extremely sharp edges that are capable of cutting through almost anything, gieves off extremely bright light that is capable of blinding beings like the hulk and thor)


Telepathy (mind reading, able to control and render the brain dead, can resist telepathy from strongest telepath,)

 telekinesis, able to lift 50 tons

 super speed ( 750 mph easily) 


super strength (70 tonner) ,

heat vision,

ice breath,

regeneration (can regrow limbs),

electricity manipulation ( can do actually everthing cole macgrath can ) 

xray vision,

super hearing,

expert martial artists (know mix martial arts)

super intelligence (comparable to Mr.terrific)

radiation aborbtion and emission -including cosmic radiation. (powerful enough of to kill gods and kryptonians. by absorbing radiation castial can increase his strength, speed and heat vision)     




help me

im having a hard time making a decision wether i should keep my superman theme on my wall. i really want to change it to a bizzaro theme but i really like my superman theme and i want  to show my superman loyalty.


should i just make a new profile?



Rise of the planet of the apes

If you do not know there is a new movie coming out call " the rise of the planet of the apes". im pretty sure this would be the six installment to the franchise.

watching the trailer to this movie has me wondering is it possible for apes to take over if there intellegence start to rival ours



if you havent seen the trailer here it is.




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