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Kiani...Back?! 0

Though it saddens me whenever one of my favorite character dies, it upsets me when writers bring them back. Especially when their return seems to not be an integral part of some larger plan. Michael Turner (if I'm not mistaken) killed Kiani off. She was dead and it was a fitting death for her as a character. She killed Canon and in anger, Aspen killed her. If this is what Michael Turner (if Michael Turner did indeed kill her off) intended shouldn't it stay that way?Kiani's blind anger led to her...

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Lady-Writer 0

This is funny. I just read Her-oes #3 after my GENDERS (study of gender roles/ biases...blah, blah) class and I realized the Her-oes is being written by a female writer. Grace Randolph...never heard of her. Now, I was really excited to see a girl perspective of Marvel but when that red headed counterpart of Captain America showed up and called herself Miss America it just bordered on someone trying to hard to some witty and cutesy but ended up failing at both.   My class today talked about how...

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Something Wicked This Way Comes 3

For a while the Teen Titans have been in a rut. I could forgive the fact that the original (and my favorite) group of Teen Titans have grown up and just become the Titans because the members of Young Justice inherited their place in Teen Titans and they have grown to become worthy successors. However the deaths of Superboy and Bart Allen, Kid Flash shook we me from my fandom and I haven't been keeping tabs on my favorite super teens.    I find that too many Teen Titans are dying and sadly I thin...

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Marvel Makeover 1

In Her-Oes we find our beloved classic Marvel Superheroines in high school, well acquainted and dealing with their powers. Now we all know that Jenny Walters didn't go to high school with Janet Van Dyne or that they had their powers at their teenage years but it's Marvel they have countless universes so why not, right?  Marvel has done something brilliant here but it may not be seen at first glance. While the die hard comic book fan may see it as a corny and disrespectful to the original stories...

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Thor and The Warriors Four 0

I have always found the Power Pack Series to be a too Disney...but considering that Disney now own Marvel I suppose it is fitting. I loved seeing how the Power Pack are dealing with real horrors such as the death of a loved one as they begin to struggle with grief. This issue showed such poignancy when dealing with children in grief. Alex being the oldest had to be stronger so he was more silent than the others, Julie not being quiet as old has the privelege of finding a whimsical way to save th...

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The Hard Review 0

It is no secret that the art of Jason Rubin's comic, "Iron and the Maiden" is beautifully done but on closer inspection the art itself has a whimsical feel to it. By the shpe of the characters' eyes alone you can see a sort of Disney-esque approach which if you've read Iron and the Maiden you would realize is unbecoming of for the sort of violence that goes on here. I would recommend that they find the artists who worked with Alan Moore or Frank Miller on their dark comics. When I first saw the ...

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Pose down 0

Ok, this comics is starting to look more and more like a fashion magazine. There are just so much close-ups and poses, not to mention Donna and BB's constant costum change. The all J-names was really...weird...I mean was that a coincidence or did their "Daddy" make sure their mothers (who have never met each other) made sure they named their children like this?What's up with Raven? She said they were using her to open the portal but how? I don't see how they're making her do anything...Plus is i...

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Get with the times 0

Time First of all I can not be expected to believe that the battle between Iron and Petunia actually lasted five hours. I mean...c'mon, isn't that a bit of an exaggeration? I don't care how doped up they are on R0id somebody in that fight must have gotten a little bit tired! Notice how in the front page you have a clock in Central Station and the face clearly shows 12 noon. So give or take the battle must have taken place in the afternoon while the sun was still up and okay as you flip through t...

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Wowzers 0

Much as I love Michael Turner and Aspen comics it would seem they would care more to quantity rather than quality when it comes to the pages within their books. I mean I love pin-up and free pages traight from the sketch book and I don't mind the occasional advertisment here and there but there seems to be more of all theses than the actual story. But what little I was able to read of Iron and the Maiden...I loved! The assassination sequence was beautiful. They sent nothing but a "brose" (a rose...

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Still running... 4

I was really worried about this latest issue. I mean what else it there to do? Who else can they battle? Where on earth can a bunch of kids who are new to the hero villian scene find their own arch nemesis? SUPRISE! An awesome concept from the start! Karolina's being blamed for the destruction of her homeoworld! Now we all know Karolina shouldn't be held responsible for what happened at her wedding but that's what makes the concept so perfect! Irrational villians who think they're on the right s...

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Every Time... 0

This is so typically Joss Whedon to foreshadow an ending to a story then completely sweep you off your feet by writing the opposite of what you expected. I thought Klara was completely out of the picture, I thought that Lillie would go with Victor and I thought Chase went to bring back Gert. You'd think such a loyal fan of Sir Whedon would anticipate that with Joss Whedon nothing is as it seems. At any case I applaud Joss as he again suprises me. It's like James Marsters said once "We never know...

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Bloody Brilliant 0

As Spike would say "Bloody Brilliant" this is by far the best issue this series has offered. It's comes together so beautifully as we see the painful life the slayers still have to live. There is a lot of philosophy within this issue that actually help inspire me to write a certain thesis paper that impressed my professor. The best issue and it actually stands on its own. It does not need the past issues to explain what's going on. At first it had me confused especially with the demon declaring ...

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