Batman: The Dark Knight.........Why the wait?

I have been out of the Batman comic books for quite a few years and finally decided to make the jump back in once I heard about the new Dark Knight series.  I bought the first issue on Jan. 1.  Needless to say I loved the issue.  Art, story were both top notch.  After reading I set it aside and then kind of forgot about it assuming I would see the next issue on my last week in Feb comic run and it would spring to my mind that I need to by issue 2.  I go to the comic store that week completely forget about it and leave.  Last night I was putting some recently bought books away and spot issue 1, then realized that I had forgotten to pick up issue 2.  No problem go into the store and ask and its revealed to me that the release date for issue 2 is March 23rd!!!
Now that it is finally almost here I have lost the desire to read the comic series.  I am going to pick up issue 2 in hopes that it is a good enough read to get me back into it instead of just dropping the series and leaving Batman behind again.  So the question becomes......Why couldn't DC stick to a monthly release for this comic between issues 1 and 2 but it looks as if the rest will be following that monthly release time frame?  I am not a avid follower of DC comics so maybe I missed something but, that series just lost a lot of my interest by taking a almost 3 month time off. 
Anyone else run into the same thing with other comics?