Hulk Top 10 Villains

The top 10 Strongest and most well known Hulk villains.

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  • Bruce's father and also known as the Devil Hulk. Has come to be known as the demon in Hulk's quest.

  • Considered to be Hulk's, Arch-nemesis, Abomination has given the Hulk the most most difficult and hardest time than any other villain he has come across before. Slightly stronger than Hulk but does not Rage like him.

  • The Braniac of the Hulk series. This guy has super mental acumen and posses the ability to to be very intelligent to build sentinels and any other tech with his intellect power trough his mind.

  • After injecting himself with some of the Abomination's syrum, Thunderbolt Ross became now known as Rulk A.K.A the Red Hulk. Like Hulk, Rulk possesses very incredible strength at his limits and cna do almost the same exact things as the Hulk except for one.......... The madder Rulk gets, the more hotter he gets, not strengthening his physical appereance.

  • Xemnu is an intergalactic criminal Alien and apparently the last of his kind. Vastly powerful, even Hulk needed some assistance from his Cousin She-Hulk and the Defenders to take this creature down at some basis.

  • One of the future Hulk's and is vastly way more intelligent that Regular Hulk at regular basis.

  • An atomic chain reaction that can cause up to many terrorist attacks.

  • The Juggernaut may be An official X-men Villain but he and the Hulk have always had a rivalry going to see which of the two is more powerful. Also nobody in the Marvel universe has stopped the Juggernaut besides the Hulk. Hulk is the only one thus far.

  • Capable of Absorbing anything, he can absorb up to metal, Rock, Steel, and any other element this world has to offer.

  • the swamp's mysterious and very rare creature. Joseph at one point also had a love desire for Betty Ross.