HigorM's - Most Valued Characters (Top 12)

I know I've been here for quite some time (since 2011) and believe me or not but this is my first list so please be gentle.

List items

  • For the ones who know me, this isn't a surprise. I like this guy not only for his awesomeness as a character, but mostly because I find some similarities between our personalities.

  • He almost took the first place, I liked this guy before even know he belongs to comics, he is not the reason I start reading but is one of the major reasons I can't leave it.

  • For me he is one hell of a character, one of finest villains ever created, and often underrated.

  • I got to be honest, I didn't care much about Flash Thompson, but since he take the role as the new Venom, you got to admit, he is the best Venom ever!

  • He is here because his personality and awesome style! He is my favorite X-Men as well!

  • Fair Play people, fair play, ALWAYS.

  • An immortal ninja who trashes the Spider-Man, need to say more? He also looks like me in some aspects like fatherhood for example.

  • DC's Sexiest blonde girl! Not to mention she can fight and possess a devastating power!

  • Not your everyday hero, but definitely one you can not underestimate. This guy is just epic.

  • I always remember this guy when I hear or see the word badass!

  • The silent crime fighter, and one of the best female characters from the DC Universe!

  • Such a powerfull mutant, yet so naive..