Characters/Series I'd like to use in CaVs

This is just a list of the characters and series I'd be willing to debate in future CaVs. I won't limit myself to just these, but chances of my debating anything else are little to naught. Mostly because I'm already prepared and am fired up to represent them.

List items

  • Phil is at the forefront of comic characters I'd like to use at the moment. His versatility would make for elaborate strategies, combos and great arguments.

  • After finishing the original manga as well as the many tie-ins and spin offs, I've come to the conclusion that Composite Devilman is one seriously overpowered character. He gets little to no recognition, but in light of the recent hype surrounding the sleeper hit Devilman Crybaby, I think it's time we come out of the shadows with him. I can't wait to represent this guy-- he's got daunting stats and great hax and versatility to compliment it.

  • Probably the most OP version of Gog. Transcendent tier characters now have a poster boy.

  • Unlike what you may think, the Princesses of Sailor Moon are actually, strong, independent and powerful female warriors who each have their own set of mind-boggling hax and come from a series where being MFTL or planet level is considered fodder. The series is great, filled with lovable characters and lots of character development and I've been itching to give this verse the exposure and respect it deserves ever since reading it.

  • KB is an extremely straightforward series with badass characters that sport even crazier feats. I've been wanting do a Boros vs Akira CaV for a while, or with any other low high tier powerhouse.

  • This series has loads of hax and a wealth of broken characters to go along with it. I'm stoked to represent almost any of the main characters as crazy powers and abilities are universal in this series. It's a good read too, the manga is short and clocks in at only 29 chapters.

  • The only webtoon that's been allowed to be added/uploaded to CV's wiki library, and a shame too because Gosu and God of Highschool would've also had spots on the list. Story wise, this is easily the best series on the list. I binged all 186 chapters in about 4 hours, and it's expansive, theatrical and and contains boundless depth with amazing characters, artwork, and themes that double as food for thought. Also, the God tiers are pretty freaking OP, with hax of every kind and stats that makes for the best combination of debating ever.

  • She's only this low because her amount of showings are very limited, but Song is a fantastic character to use for the middle area of street tier.